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Real Patient Testimonial after Stem Cell in Puerto Vallarta

Janine Fuller Experience after Receiving Stem Cell for Huntington’s Diseases and Joint Regeneration in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Watch testimonial Video of Stem Cell for Huntington’s Diseases and Joint Regeneration in Mexico from Janine Fuller. Book your consultation now at PlacidWay. Stem cells have the ability to change into many different types of cells in the body. They can divide and grow to replace damaged or living cells. This makes stem cells a promising treatment for Huntington's disease, as well as for joint regeneration. Immunotherapy is working on stem cell research in Mexico that has the potential to help many people suffering from these conditions. We are hopeful that this research will lead to new and improved treatments for these diseases.

How Janine Fuller Get Incredible Health Changes after Stem Cell Transplantation for Huntington's Diseases and Joint Regeneration Therapy in Mexico at Immunotherapy

"My name's Janine Fuller and i'm 56 years old turning 57 april 30th and a very good friend of mine recommended that i actually come here. I think because of the diet the incredible health changes that he had coming and being here with the doctor so on his insistence and really he really believed so much and he really is someone who is like really not the kind of person that would be jumping towards."

"Any kind of medical miracle but he's also someone who's always has had a kidney disease in his family genetic and also a genetic eye disease. As well so for most of my life of knowing this person my friend bruce. He has not been able to see so in the last couple of months since he started taking these treatments. He is definitely his eyesight has improved you know his condition has remained the same on some levels but you can certainly see in areas."

"He hasn't seen for probably decades that is phenomenal so that really is what made me want to come here and i think him talking to the doctor here and the doctor being very open about the huntington's treatment that was available in mexico that really is not available in north america at all because of the kinds of restrictions around intestines and and stem cells canada has been very slow in coming to that. "

"So he felt that this doctor was particularly incredibly well placed to offer me the kind of treatment that i can't get in canada so with his insistence and my partner at my side. We both came here so i've been here for a little over a month since i started the treatment. I've had two stem cell treatments and i've had many other different treatments ones on my knees which have you know certainly helped my mobility and my ability to go different places as far as the huntington's. "

"At the moment it's only a month since that treatment started and certainly some of the treatments that he has done you know that certainly that progression hopefully will follow and those changes will occur will occur. But i'm i'm hopeful for that and certainly happy to be here participating and being part of something ground breaking with someone who i have a great respect for the doctor otherwise i wouldn't be here."

Benefits of Getting Regenerative Therapy for Huntington’s Diseases and Joint Regeneration in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy

Here are several advantages of Stem Cell for Joint Regeneration and Huntington’s Diseases in Mexico by Immunotherapy:

  • More than 15 Years of Innovative Research and Empowering Patients
  • Get Guidance from Incredible Team of Expert Doctors
  • Advanced Medicine to Enhanced Lives
  • Provide Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Therapy
  • Provide Patient with Safe and High-Quality Alternatives Treatment
  • Provides the Health You Deserve

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