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Get Stem Cell for Cancer and Pain Relief in Puerto Vallarta

Watch Daniel Story after Getting Stem Cell for Cancer and Pain Relief in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Watch testimonial Video of Stem Cell for Cancer in Puerto Vallarta Mexico from Daniel Mayers. Book your consultation now at PlacidWay.  Stem cells hold promise for cancer and pain relief, and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is at the forefront of bringing these life-saving treatments to patients. At Immunotherapy, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest and most innovative Stem Cell for Pain Relief and Cancer. If you are looking for a place to receive cutting-edge stem cell treatment, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is the perfect destination.

How Daniel Mayers Get Improvement after Alternative Treatment for Cancer and Stem Cell for Pain in Mexico by Immunotherapy

“Hi my name is Daniel Mayers i'm from ironton Missouri. So dr romero took a pet scan and he also had an mri of my brain, my back, my whole back, my whole spine and we came down in January. And after he looked at the mri, he felt that to help alleviate my pain that i was having. He would want to he wanted to put stem cells in each one of the vertebraes in my back starting from the very top all the way down to the very bottom.”

“That was administered in the hospital here in in puerto vallarta and it was a pretty much an all-day seemed like an all-day procedure to me. But i felt immediate relief the next day and the relief has been getting better my pain is has improved. Probably 95 percent so um and then with the cancer treatment we started we started doing the attacking it and we we use. I believe we'll find out we've got some blood test results coming back.”

“But i'm i'm feeling better we are we are getting the cancer out through the iv process. And the cream that's used to bring the cancer cells out that's been very successful. In my eyes it's been painful at times but the pain has been worth it. Because i feel so much better i've lost. Just since i've been coming to dr romero i've lost over 25 pounds and that alone has also helped but the overall well-being of my my whole body has been so much better because of the stem cell treatment that i've been receiving here.”

“So i encourage anyone that's having chronic pain arthritis pain we were very comfortable with the staff over at the older facility. And this is fabulous here but the same staff is here too so we were i was very open to it. Because i was at a point in my life that just the pain constant pain was just driving me crazy. And i was willing to try anything i tried everything physical therapy. I tried injections in the neck the cortisone shots and just i tried everything you chiropractic care massage therapy. All of it it wasn't until dr romero started treating me with the ivs that he's using the medicine that he's using in the end the stem cell therapy that that it really started i started sleeping again and getting good night's sleep and feeling just 100 better the other doctors.”

“Believe it or not never ask for a full mri on my back they never asked for a pet scan. Dr romero was the only one that asked for all that um so he looked at it from a different approach and looked at each each item separately. I believe and then he then he did his bio feedback to confirm what he thought and he's treated it as it's as it's changed and he'll talk to me and if my pain changes or something changes. He'll he'll change the type of therapy he gives me i'm 66 years old i feel like i got a new lease on life!

Advantages Stem Cell for Cancer in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by Immunotherapy

Check below for information about advantages of Stem Cell for Pain and Cancer in Mexico by Immunotherapy:

  • Get Guidance from Incredible Team of Expert Doctors
  • Advanced Medicine to Enhanced Lives
  • More than 15 Years of Innovative Research and Empowering Patients
  • Provide Cutting-Edge Stem Cell Therapy
  • Provide Patient with Safe and High-Quality Alternatives Treatment
  • Provides the Health You Deserve

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