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Real Patient Story for Dental Fillings in Liberia

Watch Real Patient Testimonial after Dental Work in Liberia, Costa Rica at OCI Dental Clinic

After receiving Dental Fillings and Tooth Extraction in Liberia, Costa Rica, this patient from the USA is excited to tell her story in a video testimonial below. She explains that the procedure was painless, and her dentist was amazing. A patient feels fantastic after receiving high-quality dental work, and she will come back for a dental implant procedure. She highly recommends OCI Dental Clinic to others who need tooth decay treatment or other cheap but excellent dental work abroad. Watch a video below about the patient experience with dental treatment in Liberia at OCI Dental Clinic:

Patient Had Amazing Experience with Dental Fillings in Liberia at OCI Dental Clinic

"A dentist fixed my teeth. She fixed six cavies and one extraction and after the extraction, I only had to take one dose of pain medication the very next morning. There was no pain at all. My mouth feels so much better. I am a little numb right here now but yeah highly, highly, highly recommend and I’m coming back for implants also!"

Why Choose Dental Care in Liberia at OCI Dental Clinic

Here are several reasons why you should consider selecting OCI Dental Clinic for your Dental Work in Liberia:

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