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Associated Center: Yanhee Hospital
454 Charasanitwong Road, Bang-Aoh, Bangkok 10700 , Thailand
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Doctor Name: Dr. Pramote
May 14, 2010

"There has not been a second when I regretted my visit to Yanhee Hospital. I received the best work and service possible. The doctor who was highly professional was very honest and patient with me and my questions. He explained everything very well and made everything very clear and understandable with the help of his drawings. Even when I asked a few questions more than once he wound answer them over and over again in a friendly and patient way. He explained everything and made sure that I knew everything about the procedure and told me honestly that he would not recommend the surgery on certain areas I requested. That surprised me a lot. He clearly showed that his main concern was my well-being and my happiness and not anything else. he only agreed with the surgery when he was sure that I knew exactly what I was going to be happy with the results he foresaw for me.

He took a lot of time for the consultation and made me feel safe. I remember that the surgery took a little longer than estimated which showed me that the doctor did his job slowly, carefully and in an exact way. In fact, he managed to get me out with minimal swelling and bruising. I expected much more. When I left the hospital these were already almost gone. He just did a great job and I don't think I could have gotten a better one anywhere else. I am very happy with the results and the good thing is that they are still going to improve with time. Dr. Pramote also visited me everyday after the surgery while I was staying in the hospital to make sure I was recovering well and to answer further questions. This is an amazing service if you think that in western plastic surgery one gets sent home straight after the surgery mos of the time while you spend double of the money per area. Therefore I give the doctor 10 out of 10 and already decided to visit him again in the future for my further plans in plastic surgery.

I am very happy to have done my surgery in Yanhee Hospital. The hospital itself is absolutely great. The nurses cared for me in such a warm and friendly way and did their work so well that I was really amazed. They really made the initial period after surgery easier and comfortable. Yanhee Hospital really offers a great service for its patients and is absolutely devoted to the patient's happiness and satisfaction. The best help, though, I received from my coordinator and interpreter, Pla, who just helped me with every SINGLE THING. She really took care of me and made every aspect of my visit to the hospital very easy. Sometimes I could not even believe how much care and help she was giving me. She did the best job possible and is completely devoted to her work.

I want to say "Thank you" to all the nice people that helped and supported me in Yanhee Hospital. I would describe my visit at Yanhee as a "unique life experience", especially because of the kind help of Pla. I really hope that a lot of people all over the world keep on finding their way to this great hospital to realize their dreams. I would not go anywhere else."

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