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EmCell Clinic | Stem Cell Treatment, Kiev, Ukraine

Center Name :EmCell Clinic | Stem Cell Treatment

Location :37A Syretska Street
Kiev, Ukraine 04073
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Diabetes Treatment at Emcell Clinic

The letter from J. Sch.-J. suffering from diabetes

Patient: J. Sch.-J.
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Type I diabetes and diabetic neuropathy
Country: Denmark
Date of the treatment: November 2010

The patient J. Sch.-J. with diabetes underwent stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic in autumn 2010. A month after the treatment, he wrote the following letter:

One day I googled the latest research on diabetes in Danish. I saw EmCell and the Danish site where it was possible to Contact Lotte Nielsen and hear her explanation about stem cells. Then I examined all available material on EmCell online. All this put together with Lotte's explanation resulted in that I decided to choose EmCells treatment.

Before I came to Kiev, I had very severe pains in my legs and under my feet. They were so violent that I was aware that there had to be done something. Otherwise I could not work in my company much longer. The pain in my legs was so strong that I constantly was dead tired, no matter how much I slept.

EmCell's staff acted very professionally. It is the most professional team I have ever been treated by and I have tried many treatments with my type 1 diabetes through 46 years.

Stem cell therapy started working already 10 minutes after the transplantation. The sharp pain began to subside in my legs.

Today it is a month since I came home. The pain is turning into strength and I get better day by day. I can keep up with my family on the long walks now. This is completely new for us. Before, I had to have breaks to keep walking with the others. Diabetes is just much easier to live with now.

The low blood sugar is completely different and much easier to manage. I can't recognize my diabetes after my stem cell treatment. It has been so positive an experience that no words can describe it!

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