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Hi my name is Andrea. I live in Alberta Canada. I just got back last Saturday 26th September 2009  from having the posts put in for implants and my teeth whitened at PV Smile.

At first I was leary about going to another country to have dental work done, but in Alberta implants are considered "Cosmetic Surgery" and not covered by any plan. My friend lived in Puerto Vallarta for a while and suggested I do research and go there as it is more affordable.

I was happy to come across Dr Rivas with PV smile. He is a nice man and his staff is phenomenal. I had assumed that I would be in a lot of pain when I had the procedure, but when I thought about it, there are no nerve endings, so very little pain. Dr. Rivas & Dr. Elizabeth are very gentle. It is also done right in one of the Hospitals there. 

I was even able to enjoy some of the neat excursions they offer there between appointments as well as after the procedure. I went horse back riding on the beach, swam with the Dolphins and Sea Lions and went on the "Bora Bora" boat trip.

They only mistake was not doing the boat trip first as it is an all day adventure boat trip with free beer! And I couldn't drink, as I was on antibiotics.

They also offer snorkeling which I had to pass up as well. I am returning in December 2009 to have the teeth made and put on and I can't wait. If you have any questions you can email me. The whitening is awesome as well my teeth look brand new.

Andrea Smith, Canada

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