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Stroke Treatment Success Story

A Stroke Ten Years Ago "I'm Still Here"
Dale Hartley suffered a stroke ten and a half years ago. Dale had heard about Dr. Steenblock's program on the radio. He was as thrilled then as today that Dr. Steenblock had something more to offer than conventional medicine. He and his wife Audrey came to Dr. Steenblock's clinic to undergo the stroke program. When Dale arrived at the clinic he began the full program of chelation and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and as he tells it, "my sister had a stroke three years after me; she didn't come to Dr. Steenblock. Unfortunately, she's gone- I'm still here."

Like many who suffer a massive stroke, with such an insult to the brain, to just "still be here" is a miracle in itself. But Dale and his wife Audrey wanted more. They did their research and concluded they wanted to try umbilical cord stem cells in Mexico.

About two and a half years ago Dale had umbilical cord stem cells. He believes they made him stronger.

Then recently, he and Audrey learned about Dr. Steenblock's Personalized Regenerative Medicine and the use of your own bone marrow stem cells. They excitedly packed up their precious little Bianca, and made the drive down from Malibu (where they live) to have this procedure done. Audrey had it done as well.

With a big bright smile, Dale will tell you that after having the bone marrow stem cells the first time his eyesight improved,and both of his knees (which hadn't been"working" he said), were back to "almost normal". In addition, his hip joint was back to normal, and he believes he has better balance when walking.

Audrey says that her knee problems (the meniscus) were getting signs of arthritis, and she also wanted to make sure she didn't lose the strength of her grip to arthritis. She has noticed after her bone marrow stem cells that her constant sinus drip was nearly gone.

Both Dale and Audrey did bone marrow stem cells twice, six weeks apart. Both report a resounding success, and when asked if they'd do it again, they'll tell you, "Absolutely!"

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