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Dr. Omar Gonzalez Integra Medical Center, Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Center Name :Dr. Omar Gonzalez Integra Medical Center

Location :Juarez 239, nuevo progreso Tamaulipas 88810
Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Focus Area :Stem Cell Therapy Cancer in Mexico | Stem Cell Therapy Diabetes in Mexico | Stem Cell Therapy for Diabetes in Mexico | Stem Cell Therapy for Heart in Mexico | Stem Cell Therapy for Heart Disease in Tamps | Stem Cell Therapy Heart in Tamps | Stem Cell Ther

I thank god every day we met you!!!

Cerebral Palsy
First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment


I'm writing to tell you how happy and grateful my family and I are. William has become a different little boy in such a short time. It’s been less than three weeks since he received the placenta stem cell implants and we are already seeing results. William was always cold even when it was very hot outside. The first week after the (Placenta Stem Cell) implants William started to sweat like a normal boy. I think sweating and the reduced spasticity were the first changes we saw on William. Before treatment, William would do nothing. I could lay him in a personal bed all day long and he would be in the same position and he had no head control what so ever. Also, his left arm was contracted all the time.

One Month After the First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment


Well, William is not only trying to roll but he is trying to sit up. When he is put in different positions he can sit up to a minute by himself. Not only can he sit up, he is holding his head up by himself. Also, his left arm, which he had always contracted and did not use, is now less contracted. We can't wait to see what else he is going to do next, I will keep you informed and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Three Months After the First Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

I am so happy with William's progress. It has been less than three months since William had the (Placenta Stem Cell) implants and William has made more progress than he has in ten years. I never expected for the treatment to work so fast. I'm looking at William now and I don't see a disabled child anymore. I know now that he is going to walk and talk and he is going to be better sooner than I expected. He started to ride his bike with my help and he was so happy. The first week after receiving implants, William's seizures were gone. He is still seizure free, thank you. I thank god every day we met you. You gave us new hope and a better future for our son William. Thank you.

Miami, FL

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