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Panama City, Panama
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Hair Transplant Success Story at AWP

GREGORY POZAR on Ageless Wonders Panama:AWP HAIR 1
From: Bedford, Ohio
Procedure:  Hair Transplant
Date:  February 2011

Why did you choose Panama as a place to do your surgery? 
I was looking for a place to spend the winter and Panama is close to the US.

Have you been referred from someone to our services in Ageless Wonders Panama?
I found Ageless Wonders browsing the internet, through their online website.

Did you like the service & personalized attention of our team in Ageless Wonders Panama?
I think AWP overall service & personalized attention was wonderful.

How do you rate and qualify our medical care team? 
Top notch and very friendly.

How did you qualify the results of your procedure? Were you pleased by the outcome?
For the most part it was good.

Would you recommend the services of Ageless Wonders Panama to friends or relatives?

Certainly and I´m looking forward to coming back to Panama.

What is the difference of the medical services of your own country compared to those of Panama?awp 3 
The personal attention and friendliness of the medical personnel and the overall staff.
If you need to have another surgery or procedure, would you consider traveling to Panama & contact our team, at Ageless Wonders Panama?
In your personal experience, what are the main advantages of coming to Panama for medical or other services?
The wonderful treatment and the fun to be in a very attractive country. Also, Price was very reasonable.
What do you like more about Panama?

The casual pace, the friendly people, and the beauty of the country.

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