Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 2 in Ukraine

Center Name: EmCell Clinic | Stem Cell Treatment

Location: 37A Syretska Street
Kiev, Ukraine 04073
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Patient Z.,
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Type 2 moderate subcompensated diabetes mellitus. Diabetic peripheral polyneuropathy
Country: Saudi Arabia
Date of the treatment: April 2009

Patient Z. has been suffering from diabetes mellitus since 14. In April 2009, he underwent the stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic. Two months after the cell therapy the patient reported significant decrease in his blood sugar levels, from 400-500 mg% to 190-250 mg%. He also reported insulin dose reduction, from 34 Units to 24 Units in the morning and from 24 Units to 14 Units in the evening, in total 20 Units less per day. Moreover, the patient reported eyesight improvement, reduction of neuropathy manifestations and appearance of movements in his toes. According to the patient, both he and his local doctors have been amazed with the results of the stem cell treatment and are expecting further improvements.

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