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Kiev, Ukraine 04073
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Patient: Sofie N.
Age: 5
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Williams-Beuren Syndrome
Country: Denmark
Date of the treatment: 2009

Sofie's Condition Took a Quantum Leap

My daughter Sofie was born with a heart defect in 2004. The first years of her life she suffered from massive colic. She was frequently hospitalized. Initially, we thought she was traumatized by a difficult birth, but as time went by we discovered that she was not developing normally and had mental retardation.

On the Trail of Stem Cells

When I read on the net that stem cell therapy had helped other children, I began a serious investigation. I researched about 20 stem cell clinics/companies around the world. I studied their methods of giving stem cells, types of stem cell they used and how patients responded to different kinds of treatment. One of the things I discovered was that the younger the cells, the more effective the treatment. The youngest stem cells are embryonic cells (5-7 days old). They are very effective, but not yet safe to use. Fetal stem cells, on the other hand, only weeks older (4-7 weeks), are very safe. EmCell used them and their treatment also seemed very safe. For one thing, no other clinic in the world had treated more patients than EmCell.

I had found a way that might help my daughter. The entire summer of 2009 I researched like a mad-woman. Often I read till 4 or 5 in the morning. My husband was on the sideline. His concern increased when he realized that I intended to travel to Kiev.
- Why not go to Germany? He asked.
He was uncomfortable about the idea of getting treatment in Eastern Europe. I assured him that Kiev was the place to go – the place where doctors had the most experience, the best cells and that he would just have to trust me.

Prejudices about Ukraine Were Groundless

My mother and I traveled to Ukraine. I decided to undergo the stem cell anti-aging therapy myself, since I have been very sick earlier on. When we landed in Kiev, I was very excited, but also nervous. I knew of no other Danes who had tried the treatment.

My prejudices and anxieties vanished as soon as we walked through the door of EmCell Clinic. We were warmly greeted by a very professional team of doctors and nurses. They were very attentive and radiated skill and calmness that really made us feel we were in good hands.

The Staff Seemed Accustomed to Miracles

The treatment went very well. Sofie felt safe and watched a movie while she got stem cells through a drip in her arm. During next day’s examination the doctor asked us with light in his eyes:
- Have you noticed any improvement?
The question baffled us. We had not imagined that effects could be recorded that fast. As of then we had not yet seen any improvements, but it gave us the impression that miracles were something the staff was accustomed to.

It was later that day the miracle appeared. Afternoon came, we were back in the apartment, Sofie was playing in the kitchen. Her legs were bare when she lost her diaper on the floor.
- Sofie - take your diaper and put it in the trash? I said.
I have always talked to her as if she understood everything I said, but she never really disclosed by her doings whether I got through.

My mother and I looked in amazement when Sofie took the diaper from the floor and threw it in the bin. That day Sofie took a huge mental step towards understanding coherences. Now when the phone rings, she knows there is someone on the other end. When the doorbell rings, she understands we have a visitor. She started to draw conclusions. This was something she showed no signs of being able to before she got the fetal stem cells. On the physical level, great things happened too. It was not long before we discovered Sofie had gained much better balance ability and that she grew much faster than she used to.

Later we learned that Sofie has Williams-Beuren Syndrome. It is a rare chromosomal defect. Only 200-250 people in Denmark suffer from it. One of the symptoms is 'funny teeth' looking like small milk teeth. I do not know if it is because Sofie has received stem cells before she developed her permanent teeth, but she has the finest 'normal' teeth you can think of – so this is certainly one of the areas where the chromosomal error has refrained from expressing itself.

A Decisive Experience

Not only was the treatment a landmark for Sofie, I felt the results myself. The experience was decisive and left no doubt in my mind: the progress my daughter and I have felt is meant to be shared with others who are struggling with a brain injury or other severe illness. That is why I have partnered up with EmCell. I am now the clinic's patient-counselor in Scandinavia.

At Easter 2011 we will venture down to Kiev again to get Sofie another doze of stem cells. We hope she will take another leap towards mental and physical betterment. We are looking forward. At the same time we thank EmCell Clinic for what it has done for us already.

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