Stem Cell Treatment for Secondary Immune Deficiency in Ukraine

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Patient: L.P.
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Psychomotor delay. Secondary Immune Deficiency
Country: Denmark
Date of the treatment: 21-22.06.10

We are all fine - thanks!

L. is doing very well. Her spasticity in her legs is decreasing. Her physiotherapist was amazed when checking her legs in August 2010. The quality of walking parents-assisted has improved – she is able to stand seconds longer than before – when walking she seems straighter and more stabile. When evaluated by the Belgium ABR team in August, they found her weight bearing in her shoulders when lying on the stomach has improved much more than expected. Left arm is less rigid. Standing in her standing device has improved too – she can hold her trunk much better. Everybody tells us that her technique when crawling on hands and knees looks much better and more stabile. She is still falling a lot.

Her bladder control is still improving. For the past 4-5 years L. used 5-6 diapers daily. Now she uses 3, 2 diapers only per day since August 2010 – mostly at night. When she is tired it can still be difficult for her to hold until it is time to go to the bathroom. At night there is no change. Concerning her bowel she has mostly control of it but we do see an accident at night once or twice a month. The bowel control is the same. We still see her fingers get white when it is a bit cold. Her Rayneaud syndrome is almost the same.

Her energy level has increased – she has more stamina during the day.

When evaluated at FHC she did her best ever. Her progress since January till July 24th was 115%!!!!! Her growth rate since 2003 has never been over 60%. She showed her intellectual ability very convincingly when speedreading 30 pages in 1 minute and then being able to put 5 sequences from the first chapter written on 5 pieces of paper in the right order without help at all. The book was a book written for adults. She showed her math skills in the same way and there is no doubt any longer how bright she is. Now she shows it. Before the stem cell treatment it was very difficult for her to show it in an unfamiliar environment.

Her ability to communicate nonverbally is increasing – she uses more signs than before and does it faster. She tried harder to participate in dressing herself, locking/unlocking her wheelchair, drinking of a glass independently etc.

We will have a blood test done in November and as soon we get the results you will have them. The physiotherapist will visit us November 25th. Then we will contact you again.

We are looking so much forward to see what the stem cells will bring a year from now – it is amazing what has already happened.

Best regards,
L., J. and M.

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