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Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Surgery in India

Mrs. Indira Deen- Bilateral TKR- UK

For many years, I suffered with severe Rheumatoid arthritis which affected my knees most of all. I was told by my GP that I needed to have TKR surgery and I was put on the NHS waiting list. Eventually, I became frustrated with the waiting as well as the high incidence of “MRSA” affecting hospitals. I decided I will look to get treatment abroad. I also spoke to one of his clients in the UK who had the surgery. Having spoken to Dr. Venkatachalam also, I decided to travel to Chennai India for the surgery. The surgery was a total success. I felt no pain. The nursing care was excellent, there were always nurses on hand to assist you at any time of the day or night and nothing was too much for them. They always had a pleasant manner and a smile on their face. My room was spotlessly clean each day for my entire stay.

After, I left the hospital, I spent a few days at a Grand hotel and Spa, As it turned out I had a knee operation and a relaxing holiday all in one. For any one contemplating surgery under the care of Dr. Venkatachalam, I would say you have nothing to worry about. You will find that he is there at every step of the way; from the time of the operation to the day you leave. Such continuity of card is not something you will find in the UK hospitals. To date, I’m back in Chennai for my second TKR surgery. This was done a week ago. I will be returning back to the UK in a few days without a single regret, only sincere thanks to the doctor for looking after me so well.

Dear Dr Venkatachallam I have returned to work today altho' I am not feeling 100% well but I hope I will feel a lot better as time goes by. I still feel very tired and the pain is a bit bothersome at times. I don't think the cold is making it any easier to recover quickly, it is probably the cause for the slow recovery. Anyway, the knee looks fine, it has healed up very nicely and I am doing the excercises as often as I can. I am grateful for all you have done. The operation was not so painful as I beleived talking to patients here in the UK who has had it done. Perhaps much of that was down to your own methods and expertise for which I considered myself lucky to have beneftted from. I miss the warmth of Chennai and its people who I found to be so hospitable.

I shall always remember them with affection. I suppose Ms Meenakshi the 'super gran' must be out of the hospital by now. She was so brave to have had 2 knee replacements within a week of each other. I trust she is now well on her way to a quick recovery. Whenever you see Dr Jagdish, please convey my warm regards. Thanks once again Doctor and my best wishes always.


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