Bilateral high flex knee replacements in India

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Mr.Brian Troughton, UK
My troubles began when my left leg started to go stiff and to hurt. The doctor told me it was arthritis. The waiting list on the national health was nine to 12 months, so it had to be private. Private in England means big money. So I had to shop around. The first lead we found on the computer was a private company that was sending people to India. For the said operation this company was contacted. But at the end of the pay the price on the computer and the price they wanted to charge me was about 1100 pounds more than they were advertising. So one needs to look into things before signing up. Once again we went back to the computer and came across Dr A.K.Venkatachalam. So we made contact with the doctor and agreed on a price for the full package- accommodation, food, surgery and physio. We were met at the airport and taken to the hospital.

Within 15 minutes of our arrival in our suite we met Dr.Venkatachalam.He sent me for an x-ray. I got back with my x-rays which the doctor showed me and informed me that both my knees were a mess. So I had to decide to get both knees done while I was there, which I did. I had the operations four days apart. The doctor who is also the surgeon Mr Venkatachalam was on my case all the time, he called to see me three times a day, did all the dressings himself. He was a really nice person and had a good sense of humour. The nursing staff are were very clean, smart and professional. The room was clean twice a day and is also sprayed a number of times. The operating theatre was very modern and the theatre staff were very professional and pleasant. After the operation I went to the recovery ward. It was well staffed and I received attention at all times day and night.

The physio staff called twice a day to ensure you were making good progress. After I was discharged from hospital, I stayed at a holiday resort which was recommended by Dr.Venkatachalam. It was first class the manager and staff were A1. The doctor also arranged for another doctor to visit me three times at the resort to keep an eye and the progress of my knees. I also saw our physio twice. My friend Stephen came with me to be of any help he could. It made my life and recovery so much easier, a help above any call of friendship. He will always have my thanks. My colleague was also very impressed with the way everything went. The overall cost was about a quarter of the cost of getting it done in England, and that includes the airfare. I would recommend anyone the hospital and DR.Venkatachalam to help improve their quality of life. Keep up the good work, come up and it was a pleasure and privilege to have met you all.

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