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Squatting Knee allows Kneeling and squatting
Dear Dr. Venkatachalam , It is a great pleasure for me that you are satisfied with my effort to achieve the target . Before approaching you for the operation I had consulted several orthopaedic surgeons and also one of my classmates who is at present working as Professor and Head of Orthopaedic Deptt. K.G.Medical University.They all had showed their inability to make me squat on the ground or make me possible to pray Nimaz in an usual way but you have done it and made it possible. Three cheers to you. As long as I am alive and continue to pray you will also get the benefit out of it. God may bless you. My good wishes are always with you. with best regard yours sincerely Dr. Husain.
Dr.MSH, India

Mrs. Sharada Rajappa, USA
Dear Dr.Venkatachalam
I apologize for this long silence. The last few weeks have been quite crazy. We were in New York and Washington D.C. last week, just got back but I am quite swamped with work. I am doing really great now. I had a lot of pain after I got off the crutches. I started to work out at Siva's gym. Since then and also with all the walking in New York/D.C. the pain has reduced a lot. I am able to walk normally and climb the stairs without any problem. My friends here in Omaha can see the difference. My knee does get tired once in a while when I move around a lot, but that happens rarely. I have been taking my medication regularly. Thanks again for all your help and fixing of my knee. My mobility is much better now than it used to be before the procedure. I will keep you posted regularly.


Mr.Ken Austin, Bradford UK 
80 year old great grand dad

Dear Doctor My swim in Greece went very well even though I wasn’t able to do my original swim due to rough seas. However, I think I covered about the same distance. You will have seen from Polly’s photos that I had 4 swimmers to accompany me though they stayed well behind so that it was my swim. You may be pleased to know that I raised a total of £535 which will go towards building an extension to a school for disabled children in the south of Tamil Nadu. My knee is doing very well although I bruised it today in a fall in the supermarket. I quite frequently fall when the toe of my prosthesis catches on the floor & I have nothing to support me. Otherwise the joint seems to be doing well. I went to my GP last week because I still had some pain & couldn’t straighten my knee very well. I thought that this might be because of fluid retention. He said that I had better have an x-ray so I am waiting for the results of that.

On the NHS it takes about 10 days normally but we are having postal difficulties at the moment so I don’t know when I’ll get a result but actually the joint seems a lot easier now.. I’m sorry to say that there doesn’t seem to have been much interest locally in my experiences. I never cease from extolling your expertise but I suppose there aren’t that many people, needing a joint replacement, who can afford to fly to India. I also have nothing but praise for the way I was treated at the hotel. I found the staff to be very helpful in spite of language difficulties . The staff at the hospital was also very kind & did their best to make me comfortable. I am very grateful for the attention I received & am certainly in much better condition than I was when I arrived in Chennai. I will email you again when I get the results of the x-rays.

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