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Patient Review, Eye Surgery Istanbul, Turkey

Dear Maria,

Our phone conversations and prompt responses to my requests made me comfortable in trusting you. Thank you for setting up the telephone conference to speak with the doctor about my concerns.

The professional staff and facilities at the Bir Inci Goz (The Pearl Eye) Hospital in Istanbul were fantastic. Their driver was waiting for me when I exited the customs area at the airport. Ireme was an outstanding hostess, coordinator, and translator.

My hospital room was clean, comfortable, and very adequate. The meals was typical hospital food, but there are good restaurants near by. The staff gave me personal attention whenever desired including helping me to navigate the City of Istanbul in my free time.

There was no long waiting period for any of my appointments for testing or consultation. All the equipment within the hospital appeared to be state of the art and the staff seemed fully trained to use it properly.

Dr. Fait Orucoglu consulted me about my eye conditions and alternatives for the surgery far better than any eye doctor I have encountered in USA during my 63 years on earth. His high proficiency in English made it so that no translator was needed.

The number of eye surgeries that he does greatly exceeds that of my local ophthalmologist. I am totally pleased with the 20/20 results in both eyes.

The reason for the surgery in Istanbul was that I would be in Istanbul for other reasons and I was frustrated not to be able to obtain definitive costs in the Chicago area for the proposed eye surgery as it required pricing from my ophthalmologist, an anesthesiologist, the hospital, and my insurance company. Only the ophthalmologist was willing to give me a precise price for the surgery, but the overall estimated cost was at least $7,500 per eye.  

The hospital gave me a pricing range, but was unable to explain the variables.  When I inquired of my insurance company as to the cost after providing them all the required information as to codes for the diagnosis, prognosis, surgeon, and facility, their representative had the audacity to tell me that they would not quote me the price because it was proprietary information.  Their recommendation was for me to have the surgery; and then they could tell me how much I had to pay. 

PlacidWay Review, Eye Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey, PlacidWay Customer Review

The cost in Istanbul was $1,500 per eye paid to the hospital including five days of lodging and transportation from/to the airport. Since I have a $5,000 deductible and 20% co-pay for my health insurance coverage, my out of pocket expense in USA would have been at least $7,000 for the two eyes with my insurance company paying the remainder.  Thus, I personally saved at least $4,000 and received better care than here in USA.

I highly recommend Bir Inci Goz Hospital to anyone desiring cataract eye surgery.

Dave G.

P.S. Istanbul is a vibrant city well worth a visit.


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