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Knee deep

Anthony B. is the name, and commerce is my game. Well it used to be anyway. I’m 55 now and I’m retired. I worked for an import-export company from Wildwood, New Jersey for 20 years. My job was to make sure that our clients were happy with their merchandise and that meant having to drive most of the time in order to meet them. But one winter day, I was coming hope after a meeting in wildwood crest when another car swerved into me due to the icy road. I was knocked out cold.

The first thing I remember after I came to was a bunch of paramedics lifting me up and loading me into an ambulance and the pain. My whole body hurt, but my right knee felt as if it was tearing from its socket. I blanked out again on the way to the hospital. I woke up in a room with my wife and sister next to my bed. After a few brief moments of numbness, the pain came flooding back. It was so bad that it even hurt to breath. A nurse came in and gave me a pain killer and told me I was going into surgery in a few minutes for a meniscus repair. I must admit I didn’t remember the whole thing, I got the name off of my discharge paper.

After the surgery things didn’t get much better. The very next day I woke up to my knee swollen to the size of a basketball. It didn’t hurt as much but I still couldn’t put any weight on it. The doctors and nurses told me that this was normal and that it will go away in time. I had an X-ray to see what happened, and it turned out the procedure has been a complete failure.

Testimonial Patient Review - Knee Surgery - Mexico Medical Travel

I couldn’t afford to wait any more time and I did not have much money left, so I had to find an affordable solution and fast. So I started looking for a place that could help me. Asking other patients I found out about this website, PlacidWay, that offered medical tourism packages for people looking for medical procedures abroad. I was a bit skeptical at first, but I figured there was no harm in asking.

So I called them up and started talking to one of their patient coordinators. Turns out that they knew a place that could help me. I had the second surgery in Mexico and PlacidWay set everything up for me: they arranged the flight, the drive to and from the airports, put me in touch with the doctor that was going to do the new procedure, everything. And all this for 50% less than what I have paid in the US. They even got me a hotel room for my second day of hospitalization. Everything worked out great and I am truly happy with their services. I would recommend them to anyone needing medical assistance or help with a certain procedure. PlacidWay all the way!


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