Stem Cell Treatment for Scars in Ukraine Patient Testimonial

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Scars Stem Cell Treatment Ukraine - Patient Testimonial

Stem Cell Treatment for Scars in Ukraine Patient Testimonial

Scars are always telling a story. For some they are a reason to brag about an adventure but for others they are a constant reminder of a very painful memory. For men, scars are showing their bravery but a woman is embarrassed and has a low self-esteem everytime is looking at her scars.

This is the case of Victoria, who for many decades had to hide scars on her thigh every time she went to the beach, or wore shorts. But the aspect of her skin wasn’t the only problem. When she got the scars she lost her motion, so the damage was even bigger.

For more than 40 years, Victoria from Manchester, UK, lived with several linear scars, about one inch each, spread on her thigh.

Victoria was 10 years old when she had a very car accident that scared her whole leg. She even lost range of motion around her joints.

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"When you have bad scarring, the buildup is very thick and has no elasticity," said Victoria, 50, whose right thigh was most affected by the buildup of scar tissue. "The problem with some scarring is that it's hard to get full  range of motion."

Living in the UK, cosmetic surgery was repeatedly suggested. Therefore, Victoria underwent numerous reparative surgeries through the years and her leg looked better, but the scar tissue continued to grow back  especially on her thigh. Also the procedures did not lessen the look of her scars.

One day, one of her customers knowing about the issues with scars suggested  her to contact a medical tourism company to look for alternative treatments. Victoria admitted: “at first, I thought that there’s no solution to my scars. It’s something I have to live with for my whole life. But in the end, I said to myself that I don’t have nothing to lose to ask around.”

My experience with PlacidWay was very beneficial both for the body, and my self esteem. From the first contact, I was assured that there’s a solution for my problem. One of their agents took all the information they needed and in a matter of days, I got a good load of options. Besides the regular cosmetic surgery, providing innovative methods, the agent suggested a few medical centers that provided regenerative therapy. This meant that the scars would be healed from the inside, not in a superficial matter.”

After reviewing many alternatives, I’ve decided upon the EmCell Clinic in Kiev, Ukraine. Although I’ve never been to Eastern Europe, I was greeted with such friendliness and professionalism   from the medical staff, that it convinced me to choose them.

After exchanging a few emails and some phone calls regarding the arrangements for the procedure, I’ve been more than ready to try out this regenerative treatment.”   

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In 2009, Victoria underwent a new, experimental procedure that used stem cells from her own fat tissue to repair the scars around her thigh.

Surgeons cleaned the scar buildup around the thigh and used liposuction to pull fat from off Victoria's abdomen. They separated the fat cells from the stem and regenerative cells, which were then injected into the wound on Victoria's thigh. The procedure took less than two hours.

I must confess that besides the fact that the innovative procedure represented a true solution to my inaesthetic problem, the costs were far more affordable than those in the UK. The whole procedure cost me $5,000 USD. And the results were more than I’ve expected or even hoped.

Within months, Victoria was able to regain the motion that she had lost more than 40 years ago.

"If this technology was available earlier in my life, my scars would not have been as bad," said Victoria. “I don’t regret for a second the decision of choosing treatment abroad, because today I could not have flaunted my legs or run as freely as I do.


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