Hair Transplant in Turkey Patient Testimonial

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Hair Transplant Turkey Patient Testimonial


Hair Transplant in Turkey Patient Testimonial

Mister Abi, 40, from Arbil, Iraq is one of the many international patients who accessed PlacidWay's services for treatment abroad. He underwent successful hair transplant treatment at the Hizmet Memorial hospital in Turkey. After his safely return home, PlacidWay contacted Mr. Abi for more information about the procedure, the clinic and his medical experience abroad.

 PlacidWay: Please describe your condition when you contacted us?

Mr. Abi: I was suffering from male pattern baldness, in medical terms androgenic alopecia. I’ll try to paint you a clearer picture: I had no hair on my head, except for my sides and back.

PlacidWay: Did the doctor who diagnosed you tell you what the cause for your baldness was?

Mr. Abi: Well, male pattern baldness doesn’t really have a cause per say. Is more of a genetic predisposition, found in all men. Of course, some environmental factors can influence the speed at which it affects one’s scalp. But that varies from person to person.

PlacidWay: What kind of environmental factors?

Mr. Abi: You know, working in various environments with substances that can affect the scalp and hair growth, using certain hair products that can contain harmful chemicals, wearing hats made out of materials that don’t allow for proper ventilation, etc. 

PlacidWay: How did you find out about PlacidWay?

Mr. Abi: I discovered your site after a friend of mine recommended it. He had a similar condition to mine and told me that you guys could help me. I went online and did a little research on the treatment offers you had on there. And I found the Hizmet Memorial hospital in Turkey. They offered a hair transplant program with hair grafts from donor areas.

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PlacidWay: Could you offer more details on what did the treatment at Hizmet Memorial consist of?

Mr. Abi: The treatment plan was made up of hair follicle grafts transplants from certain donor areas from my scalp to the target area. Usually the donor areas are the sides and back of the head. 

PlacidWay: Did the treatment work?

Mr. Abi: Oh God, yes! After the 3 day stay at the hospital, I could already see my once hair-barren regions, so to speak, I could literally feel my hair growing again. 

PlacidWay: How much were you charged for the treatment?

Mr. Abi: $2,500. And it was worth every penny!

PlacidWay: So, on a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied were you by our services and the services of the clinic?

Mr. Abi: 10! Undoubtedly 10! Everybody was very nice to me over there, and made me feel safe and well taken care of. And you guys are doing a smashing good job!

PlacidWay: Would you recommend PlacidWay and Hizmet Memorial to others?

Mr. Abi: With all my heart!


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