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Live Cell Premature Ovarian Failure in China Testimonial

Relife International Medical Center, Live Cell Therapy China

Live Cell Therapy for Premature Ovarian Failure in China


Mrs. Jing, a 33 year old female from Malaysia, is one of the many international patients who accessed PlacidWay's services for treatment abroad. He underwent successful cell-based gene therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy for her premature ovarian failure at the ReLife International Medical Center in China. After his safely return home, PlacidWay contacted him for more information about the procedure, the clinic and his medical experience abroad.

 PlacidWay: Please describe your condition when you contacted us?

Mrs. Jing: I was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure about 2 years ago, and that’s why I had trouble conceiving. I would experience anxiety and the occasional mood swings. I even noticed a darkening of the skin.

PlacidWay: Did the doctor who diagnosed you tell you what the cause for your premature ovarian failure was?

Mrs. Jing: Unfortunately no. My condition being an idiopathic one, the cause of it is unknown. After extensive tests and hospital visits, all signs pointed towards a genetic predisposition.

Premature Ovarian Failure Treatment, Live Cell Therapy

PlacidWay: How did you find out about PlacidWay?

Mrs. Jing: I discovered your site after a doctor consulted me and said I could find some treatment options. I went online and did a little research on the treatment offers you had on there. And I found the ReLife International Medical Center in China. They offered a therapy using live cells.

PlacidWay: Could you offer more details on what did the treatment at ReLife International Medical Center consist of?

Mrs. Jing: The treatment plan was made up of 2 sessions of HGF and adipose-derived live cell therapy, acupuncture and Chinese massage. In total there were 4 weeks of treatment

PlacidWay: Did the treatment work?

Mrs. Jing: Thank God, yes! A month after the treatment was complete I could feel my condition improving, and I even managed to get pregnant.

PlacidWay: Mrs. Jing, are you satisfied with the services provided by the clinic?

Mrs. Jing: Yes! Everybody was very supportive of me and everything was of 5-star quality.

PlacidWay: Would you recommend PlacidWay and ReLife International Medical Center to others?

Mrs. Jing: Every time! 


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