Cancer Treatment with Placenta Implant Therapy

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Dr. Omar Gonzalez is a doctor in the fullest sense of the word - one who is compassionate and caring along with a generous, listening heart.

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and after surgery in the U.S. I began having placenta implants  twice year. To this day I am cancer free, thanks to God, the generosity of Dr, Gonzalez and the placenta implants.

Miter Valve Prolapse:
Twenty -seven years ago I was told that I had miter valve prolapse.  This was discovered through an ecocardiogram. I have had two  more ecocardiograms since I began having placenta implants  and neither of the two revealed any sign of miter valve prolapse.  This does not prove conclusively that I no longer have this condition. However, there is the   strong possibility  that I no longer have miter valve prolapse due to the placenta implants.  (Cardiologists have told me that miter valve prolapse is not always detected by an

Heel spur:
Several years ago I had a painful spur on my heel.  One acupuncture and a laser treatment was all it took to correct he problem. The pain has never returned.

Immune System:
I know that my immune system is strengthened as the result of placenta implants.  I have not had a cold nor have I had the flu for more than ten years.  My energy level is high - I am 74 years old and  I do a full day's work and have energy to spare!  Without a doubt,  I recommend Dr. Omar Gonzalez for any physical problem you may have.

Ever grateful,
Sister Frances Solum
Rio Grande City, TX

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