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David Omar Gonzalez Benitz


I, Peggy Seagrist, started seeing Dr. Omar Gonzalez in 1998.  I had basically given up on life after being diagnosed with breast cancer and a masticated tumor in my stomach (this was my third bout with cancer) as well as having arthritis. Dr. Gonzalez recommended placenta implants after several sessions with acupuncture.  I received my first set of implants and began feeling better, but it is a process of time to heel.  After six months I went in for a second set of implants and after three or four months, I went in for another mammogram and was CANCER FREE.  The need for the implants became further apart. The implants not only freed me from cancer, but my mental well being has done a completed 360.  I truly believe that I owe my life to Dr. Gonzalez and the wonderful work he performs.  He is a true savior and will always be considered a dear friend.


Doctor's note:
Our services are not meant to replace conventional medicine, these therapies are used with conventional medicine to give you the best of both.

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