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Dr. Omar Gonzalez Integra Medical Center, Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Center Name :Dr. Omar Gonzalez Integra Medical Center

Location :Juarez 239, nuevo progreso Tamaulipas 88810
Nuevo Progreso, Mexico
Focus Area :Dr. Omar Gonzalez | Placenta Stem Cell Therapy | Stem Cell Treatment in Mexico | Adult Stem Cell | Embryonic Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico | Human Stem Cell Therapy in Mexico | Treatment of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS with Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

Treatment of MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS with Placenta Stem Cell Treatment

Stan's diagnose is chronic progressive MS.  He is on a wheelchair and is quadriplegic due to the illness.

Until April 06 he was unable to hold his head up or move his neck, he had very little energy, unable to speak, and his voluntary breathing was very limited.  The 1st treatment with Dr. Gonzalez was in May 06, and he has had 2 more treatments since then. We have seen the following improvements: gained strength in the neck area and is now able to hold his head and regained about 30% of mobility in the neck area, increased overall energy, regained some voluntary breathing and with it about 3% of voice. Able to move 2 fingers in left hand. Overall his outlook to life has improved as he is seeing his body responding the treatment. Dr. Gonzalez is a caring doctor who treats his patients with love and respect.

Te agradezco mucho todo lo que has echo por nosotros.
Un saludo muy afectuoso,

Nov 21, 2007 - UPDATE
Apreciado Doctor,

En este dia de Thanksgiving quiero darte las gracias por todo lo que has echo por mi querido esposo y queria darte un update. Por favor publica lo que quieras en tu pagina web.  Tenemos planeado volver en el 2008, espero poderte decir las fechas en Diciembre. Un abrazo muy carinyoso, MR.

We first came to your office in May 2006. Stan's MS conditon was rampant and had been progressively deteriorating for the last 6 years. He had no trunk control, unable to hold his head, constant drooling, unable to speak or make noise, unable to clear his throat, unable to cough, very little stamina nearly none. The first time we came from Seattle to Southeast Texas was a huge undertaking. Our day to day life was extremely limited and we were only able to venture to destinations very close from our home and for a limited time expand of 2 hours or less as immediate he would have to go back to bed. Three treatments later Stan is able to hold and turn his head. He is able to manage the tilt function of his wheelchair with his head, he is getting his voice back, he is able to make noises to get attention, and also able to clear his throat. He is able to cough. Most importantly is his energy; we're able to go on a public bus and be away from home for a 5 to 6 hours expand. Even though when we get back he is tired his recovery time is down to 30 minutes to one hour.  His trunk is getting stronger. He is now able to stay on his wheelchair on a 90 degree angle for a limited time, before, he would be have fallen over as the chair had always had to be tilted.

Rosa Artés

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