Another Experience of Stem Cell Treatment for MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS

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Regenerative Medicine for MS in Nuevo Progresso, Mexico

Karen Bruce Progress Report September 2007

I'm a 52-year-old patient of Dr. Gonzalez with Multiple Sclerosis, diagnosed 21 years ago. I also have uveitis, an inflammation of the vitreous fluid in my eye, for about 23 years. I am able to walk, but require an electric scooter for longer distances. Fatigue and spasticity are predominant symptoms.

I initially saw Dr. Gonzalez in May of 2006. Improvements included a decrease in spasticity and fatigue, increased coordination, more strength, improved gait and improvements in my vision. These improvements diminish over time so I go back to Dr. Gonzalez about every 9 months.

There are some improvements that remain fairly stable. My left hand coordination was very poor before my first visit. Now I have better dexterity and movement in my left hand and that has stayed fairly constant since my first visit. I have been to Dr Gonzalez’s clinic 3 times now. Also I used to visit my eye MD every 3 months and he would inject steroids into my eye. Now I see him once a year and get no injections.
On my last visit in September 2007 I received the usual treatments from Dr Gonzalez but additionally had some placenta implants in my legs. I believe this has helped me.  My drop foot on my left side has improved and I can walk on my tiptoes, which I have not been able to do for years. This is only after 2 weeks so I believe I will improve even more.

Karen Bruce

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