How is Parkinson's Disease Treated | Understanding Parkinson's

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The profile of Parkinson's disease has certainly risen in recent years, and yet it still baffles physicians around the world. Research has certainly revealed a great deal about the condition, including its causes, and has helped to improve the treatments being used, but there's a great deal more still undiscovered.

In this video you will understand more about Parkinson's Disease, it's symptoms and how stem cell treatment helps in stopping Parkinson's to get worse.

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How is Parkinson's Disease Treated | Understanding Parkinson's

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I have had 3 treatments now, May 2010, well I am so excited that I feel great I just walked up a steep hill yesterday and I was not out of breath, It feels like my lungs and throat are stronger, like from the inside out I feel better, more focused. No ache and pains I move much faster, like when I was 30yrs old.

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Both Dale and Audrey did bone marrow stem cells twice, six weeks apart. Both report a resounding success, and when asked if they'd do it again, they'll tell you, "Absolutely!"

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