Ibogaine Treatment Testimonial in Alentejo, Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

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Ibogaine Treatment in Alentejo, Portugal

Check below Video of Ibogaine Treatment Testimonial in Alentejo, Portugal. Find Best and Affordable bogaine Treatment at Tabula Rasa RetreatThe Testimonial came to the Tabula Rasa Retreat a year ago. With diligence and help, he managed to break his addiction of cocaine. We are proud of him and wish him good luck. This video testimony was taken several weeks after Testimonial underwent ibogaine treatment, which is real proof of the validity and effectiveness of our recovery program. We are truly bridging the gap between conventional modalities and "holistic" therapies. It's been crack less for a year. Happy Birthday! He said he couldn't do it without the ibogaine treatment he did at our center. We love it. We are offering many addiction treatments in our clinic in Portugal

Why choose Ibogaine Treatment in Alentejo, Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

For Ibogain treatment, Tabula Rasa Retreat is using Tabernanthe Iboga which is a sacred plant that helps us enjoy many health benefits at once. Tabula Rasa Retreat is committed to guiding you on the path to enlightenment or helping you reincarnate with our unique painless detox treatment. Their psycho-spiritual program can help eliminate many addictions to drugs, alcohol or gambling. They are offering many service which are below:

  • Meditate and think
  • Work with breath and with the body
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Light therapy
  • Kambo
  • Medical cocoa
  • Substance abuse

How to Book Ibogaine Treatment in Alentejo, Portugal

We will help check the best steps and centers for patients over the planet. Portugal can be the best place for the treatment of addiction. We gather updates after every appointments. Call us or Contact us we will provide you any detail you want:

Ibogaine Treatment in Alentejo, Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

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