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Dianova Portugal in Lisbon, Portugal Offers Addiction Treatment

Quinta das Lapas, 2565-517 Monte Redondo Torres Vedras , Lisbon, Portugal
Price Range: $3395 - $3395
Specialty: Addiction Treatment
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Welcome to Dianova Portugal

Welcome to Dianova- Best Addiction Treatment in Lisbon, Portugal

Founded in 1984, the Association Dianova Portugal has since been specializing in addiction treatment, prevention and reintegration, social and community development, psychosocial support and counseling, and training activities for individuals and organizations. In addition, Dianova Portugal develops community-based, health promotion initiatives. Quinta das Lapas is an international addiction treatment center for alcoholism, drug addiction and internet and other behavioral addictions. Is one of the oldest and one of Europe’s leading inpatient center. Our team has a long history of experience in providing private addiction treatment to national and international clients. It is located 40kms from Lisbon, easily access from high way to Lisbon International airport from which we are able to transport clients to Quinta das Lapas, as well as to other leisure activities nearby that can be used in the Portuguese West Coast.

Treatments and Procedures

The following treatments and procedures are offered at this hospital

  • Evaluation and assessment services (addiction)
  • Residential addiction treatment services (drugs and alcohol)
  • Social and vocational reintegration programs
  • Family interventions
  • Community-based prevention and health promotion initiatives
  • Social support and community development
  • Psychological support
  • Training programs

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