Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal

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Country: Portugal
Procedure: Addiction Treatment

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Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal

Check below Video of Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal. Find Best and Affordable addiction treatment at Tabula Rasa Retreat. We are offering many addiction treatments in our clinic in Portugal. This testimonial came to Tabula Rasa Retreat not long ago. With hard work and the help of iboga, he managed to kick a cocaine and alcohol addiction. We're proud of him and wish him all the best!. This video testimonial was filmed after S undertook his ibogaine treatment, a true testament to the validity and efficacy of our recovery programme. We are truly bridging the gap between conventional modalities and 'wholistic' therapies.

Why choose Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal by Tabula Rasa Retreat

For Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol Tabula Rasa Retreat is utilizing Iboga which is a sacred plant that assists us with appreciating numerous medical advantages without a moment's delay.Tabula Rasa Retreat is focused on directing you on the way to edification or assisting you with resurrecting with our exceptional effortless detox treatment. Their psycho-otherworldly program can assist with taking out numerous addictions to medications, liquor or betting.

How to Book Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine and Alcohol in Alentejo, Portugal

We will help you explore the best patient arrangements and centers around the world. Portugal would be the best place to treat addiction. We collect updates after each meeting. Call us or contact us, we will provide you with all the details you require:


Check out Ibogaine Treatment for Cocaine & Alcohol in Portugal

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