CAR T Cell Therapy for Multiple Myeloma in Beijing, China - Bjorn Simensen's Story at Bioocus Biotech

CAR-T Immunotherapy in Beijing, China: A Norwegian Patient's Story

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Bjorn Simensen's Experience with Car T Cell Therapy Success Stories

In a remarkable journey of resilience and medical breakthroughs, Bjorn Simensen, a patient from Norway, has achieved two years of sustained remission following CAR T cell therapy at Bioocus Biotech in Beijing, China.

Initial Diagnosis and Treatment Challenges

Bjorn's journey began in September 2017 when he presented with symptoms of cough and chest pain, leading to a diagnosis of multiple myeloma (IgG lambda) ISS-II. Despite initial treatment with chemotherapy and maintenance therapy, a relapse occurred in the summer of 2021, necessitating a change in treatment approach.

“Bjorn Simensen, 67, diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2017, underwent several treatments and relapsed in 2021. He received CART cell therapy at Bioocus Biotech in February 2022, which successfully reduced abnormal plasma cells and resolved testicular swelling, leading to discharge with scheduled follow-ups.”

Seeking Advanced Treatment at Bioocus Biotech in Beijing , China

In February 2022, Bjorn sought treatment at Lu Daopei Hospital in Beijing by Bioocus Biotech, where detailed assessments revealed a relapse with raised M protein levels. Traditional chemotherapy with carfilzomib and daratumumab proved ineffective, leading to the exploration of alternative therapies like CAR T cell therapy.

Preparation and Infusion of CAR T Cells

Bjorn underwent preconditioning with fludarabine and cyclophosphamide to prepare for CAR T cell therapy. On the designated day, CAR T cells were infused, with a dosage tailored to his specific condition. Despite experiencing neutropenia fever post-infusion, prompt medical intervention managed the side effects effectively.

CAR T Cell Therapy in China Bjorn Story at Bioocus Biotech

Positive Response and Recovery

Following CAR T cell therapy, Bjorn's right testicular swelling gradually subsided, indicating a positive response to treatment. Subsequent bone marrow examinations showed a significant reduction in abnormal plasma cells, ultimately leading to a negative BM examination for plasma cells on day 28.

Continued Monitoring and Follow-Up Care

After successful treatment at Lu Daopei Hospital, Bjorn received regular follow-up care at a hematology center in his city, ensuring ongoing monitoring and support to maintain his remission status.

Celebrating Achievements and Hope for the Future

Bjorn's journey exemplifies the transformative impact of CAR T cell therapy in achieving sustained remission and overcoming challenges associated with multiple myeloma. His story serves as a beacon of hope for patients worldwide, highlighting the advancements in medical science and personalized therapies available at Bioocus Biotech and similar institutions.

Embracing Life Beyond Illness

With two years of sustained remission, Bjorn's experience underscores the importance of exploring innovative treatments and never losing hope in the face of adversity. His journey inspires others to seek advanced medical solutions and embrace life beyond illness, fostering optimism and resilience in the journey towards recovery.

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Car T Cell Therapy Success Stories in China Bjorn Story

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