Verified Patients Reviews and Rating in Mexico City at Servicio Medico a Domicilio

Verified Patients Reviews and Rating in Mexico City at Servicio Medico a Domicilio

Ignacio Chavez 100, Xochimilco
Focus Area: Medical Emergency Services | Home Care | Rehabilitation | Home Medical Care | Home Health Services | Mexico City, Mexico

About Servicio Medico a Domicilio SMD

Servicio Medico a Domicilio SMD is a group of practicing doctors with current certification in various areas of medicine, offering personalized service to all patients in Mexico City, Mexico in the comfort and safety of their home, thanks to the portability of modern and sophisticated biomedical equipment. The team uses high tech ambulances to offer patients planned or emergency medical checkups, to bring them the drugs and medication they need for their diseases or to provide wound healing.

Real Testimonials Feedback on Treatments in Servicio Medico a Domicilio

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    Great service !! Spectacular, the highly trained doctor, with all the anti-covid protocol. Lots of talent effectiveness. Delighted with the service they gave me to attend to my sick person. I highly recommend it

    Google Jun 09 2021
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    Excellent service
    Efficient and fast
    Very professional

    Google Jun 16 2021
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    Dr. Jose Manuel Ramirez Hernandez saved the day.

    I came down with horrific food poisoning after eating some ceviche pulpo from a really renowned restaurant in the city. Severely dehydrated and weak, I got a recommendation from the hotel front desk to call SMD.

    Dr. Jose and apprentice came in about an hour and a half and setup an entire IV drip in my room. Had everything they needed to fix me up and rehydrate. Put 3L of fluids back into me, I was in bad shape.

    The entire process was very clean and professional, they both wore masks and sprayed down all equipment after every operation.

    They were courteous, kind, and just cared about my safety and comfort. Even got me a blanket from the other room and poured me some water.

    Really spectacular service especially in my weakened state. So thankful for their services and was happy they came to my house and I did not have to go to the hospital.

    Google Jun 28 2021
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    Excellent service and super first world attention. Highly recommended for its high quality.

    Google Jul 16 2021
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    excelente service, I called a few days ago because I had several headaches, the doctors they sent me were highly professional and respectful.

    Google Aug 26 2021
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    I like the home care, everything was inside my home without having to leave home, they bring all their equipment and they are very friendly.

    Google Aug 05 2021
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    Very good quality service, Dr. Becerril is very friendly and respectful at all times.

    Google Aug 10 2021
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    Very fast service, they arrive by fully equipped ambulance and are very efficient,
    Highly recommended

    Google Aug 18 2021
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    Very good service, I recommend it to whoever is looking for a good doctor and care at home.

    Google Dec 14 2021
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    Request home consultation, and although they took time due to saturation in consultations. The treatment and attention was unbeatable. I appreciate your inquiry and I will not hesitate to call you again. Thanks to dr. Becerril, excellent person, to the nurse Oscar, and to the driver of the Unit

    Google Jan 25 2022