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HD Dental Clinic Reviews in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

Kert Street, 21 Mosonmagyarovar
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About HD Dental Clinic

HD Dental Clinic in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary provides the latest services in dental technology. Get Dental Care, Dentures, Dental Implant, Dental Fillings, Jaw Surgery, Root Canal, Paradontal Treatment, and Oral hygiene all under one roof by expert dental caregivers.

Dentistry Reviews in Mosonmagyarovar, Hungary

  • Willy

    For quick readers: modern, friendly doctors office, a few km behind the Austrian-Hungarian border. Nickelsdorf border crossing. (Easily accessible via the federal highways without a motorway toll.) Own parking lot, they speak perfect German. Easy appointment scheduling via PC or phone. Dr. Kannmann is, among other things, a specialist in denture restoration and has a competent team on hand.

    Dr. In more than 15 years as a satisfied patient and customer, Frank Kannmann and his friendly, competent team have long since made me forget how bad I felt when visiting statutory health insurance doctors in Vienna. Not only the most modern treatment methods in a bright, friendly practice in our own house with a feel-good atmosphere, but above all the personal, always friendly and intelligent nature of Dr. Kannmann create trust between doctor and patient. (And with implants and jaw operations, it is extremely comforting to be able to trust your doctor.) In addition, the treatment plan, e.g. for denture restoration, is discussed in detail with the patient, coordinated together and documented via PC. There are hardly any waiting times and the nice ladies behind the desk speak perfect German. This means that appointments by telephone are not a problem either. The practice in a pretty villa area is easy to find and has its own parking lot for patients. The practice is ideally equipped for the current COVID-19 crisis. Mask requirement, disinfection, oxygen and fever measurement, ample space and thus distance in the cozy waiting area ensure the health of the patients. - Summary: Dr. Kannmann is a real stroke of luck for patients who are looking for a specialist in their teeth.

    Google Oct 08 2021
  • lee

    Thank you very much for Sam detailed and kind explanation after the treatment.
    Its a pity that there is no Korean doctor like Sam in Slovak!

    Google Mar 11 2022
  • Daniel

    Absolutely great. We recommend. I have never felt comfortable at the dentist. At HD Dental, anxious patients are treated very well. Every step is explained in an understandable way. Value for money is unbeatable. I am happy to accept the journey. at Dr. Kannmann is in the best of hands.

    Google Aug 30 2022
  • Wilhelm

    I have had 8 implants with full dentures for 3 years and I am thrilled. Was checked today 6,7,2020 and everything is ok and can eat everything. dr Kannmann and his team are great. I was back with Dr. Kannmann today 15.9.2022 had lost a tooth from the prosthesis and again everyone was very friendly a super ordination.

    Google Sep 23 2022
  • Nina

    Dr Kannmann is the best and most empathetic dentist I have ever been to!! He takes the time for you, looks at the overall situation of the teeth and advises holistically and works incredibly professionally! I have already had a bridge made and am very happy with the result. Dental visits to Dr Kannmann are a pleasure for me and I hope he continues to practice for a long time

    Google Oct 07 2022
  • marcus

    Conclusion: insider tip in Hungary
    Mr. Kannmann runs a smaller practice with no deceitful advertising but with an enormous amount of experience and a dentist by calling and not a dentist by profession. Extremely friendly and helpful staff. All around perfect for me. What one should also mention: A man a word he keeps 100% what he promises and that is exactly what you rarely find.
    PS: This review was not sponsored and 100% reflects my real world experience

    Google Aug 19 2021
  • Weitl

    This dental office comes highly recommended. Were at Dr. Christian Menko in treatment. We got implants. We are very satisfied!!!
    Same materials as in Germany. Dr. Menko is a very, very good dentist !!! We will definitely be back.
    Many many thanks to Dr. Menko and his team

    Google Aug 25 2021
  • Manfred

    I have been going to Dr. Kannmann for treatment. I was only back at Dr. Kannmann. As always, very recommendable and everything went really well again. I am happy to accept the distance of 561 km. A great team and completely satisfied treatment, again and again, at any time I go to Dr. Kannmann and his team.
    Thank you very much for the great treatment over the years.

    Google Sep 22 2021
  • Dohyung

    Teacher Yeji Lee is very kind and professional.
    Dr. Grace is very kind and professional.

    Its a long way away because you take care of me, but its worth trusting and receiving treatment. Good Good

    Google Nov 18 2021
  • Palfner

    I have been with Dr. Kannmann in treatment. After a trauma I was afraid of the dentist for years. Unfortunately, this is still there, but for me there is no better doctor than Dr. Kannmann. He is very sensitive, very competent and tries hard, tries to take away any fear and to work as painlessly as possible. His entire team is really trying very hard. I thank him and his team from the bottom of my heart and I can finally laugh carefree again.

    Google Jan 28 2022