Medicine Hospital Reviews From Patients Treated in Istanbul Turkey

Medicine Hospital Reviews From Patients Treated in Istanbul Turkey

Barbaros Mah, H. Ahmet Yesevi Cad, No: 149 Gunesli, Bagcilar/Istanbul
Focus Area: Medicine Hospital Istanbul | Dental Health | Brain and Nerve Surgery | Dermatology | Child Health | Endoscopy | Plastic Surgery | Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation | Gastroenterology | Hepatology | General Surgery | Gynecology and Obstetrics | Obesity | Diabetes Surgery | Orthopedics | Traumatology | Hair Health and Transplantation | Multispecialty Center in Turkey

About Medicine Hospital Turkey

Medicine Hospital Turkey is a modern healthcare institution that provides quality service with it's wide academic staff who adopts patient and patient satisfaction as a principle. It offers all prime medical facilities like Dental Health, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Dermatology, Child Health, Endoscopy, Plastic Surgery, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, General Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Obesity, Diabetes Surgery, Orthopedics, Traumatology, Hair Health and Transplantation and many more under one roof.

Multi Disease Treatment Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey at Medicine Hospital

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    Kadın hastalıkları ve doğum Dr sayın Fatma Türkan Ayan hanım o hastanedeki en iyi kadın doğum Dru. Sayın dedim çünkü o olmasa napardim diye düşünüyorum bı çok hastanede bı çok Dr ile çok sıkıntılı zamanlar yaşadıktan sonra kızıma hamileliğimin 8. Ayında kendisini tesadüfen tanıdım ve onda doğum yaptım o kadar güzel bir Dr ki şimdi oğluma hamileyim bütün aylık kontrol ve takiplerinde kendisine gittim ve Fatma hanımdan başka kimseyi düşünemiyorum doğumda ve tabiki sonrasında.... Anlayışı ilgisi muamelesi herşeyiyle teşekküre sayan bir Dr ..

    Google Jun 17 2022
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    There will always be problems at the hospital. The laboratory service concludes the transactions quickly. Since it is on a busy street, it can be a problem if you come by car. Prices are average.

    Google Jun 30 2022
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    They do hair transplantation meticulously. I would like to thank Ms. Berfin for their caring and sympathetic behavior, Mr. İsmail Coşkun, who did the hair transplant meticulously, Mrs. Şükrü, Ms. Neslihan, anesthesiologist İmdat Abiye for their interest, dedication and friendliness. 8-hour hair transplant was stressful, but they do their job with dedication. I hope I will comment again after 5-6 months when my new hair comes out.

    Google Jul 01 2022
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    It is very clean, calm, peaceful, one of the unrivaled hospitals of Istanbul in terms of technical equipment. Staff are friendly and polite. Thanks to those who contributed.

    Google Jul 08 2022
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    It is a nice hospital in terms of intervention control and diagnosis, but the only bad side is the private hospital, unfortunately the price policy

    Google Jul 11 2022
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    Had a hair implant yesterday.
    The operation went flawlessly. Esra organized everything and the process was really well thought out. Today I had the control and it was explained how the head should be washed for the next 10 days and received the appropriate shampoo and foam.

    A thank you to the sisters who patiently and lovingly implanted up to 4000 grafts for 8 hours without taking a long break.
    I felt very comfortable in the hospital and, due to the pandemic, the hygiene measures were very successful.
    Therefore, this clinic can be absolutely recommended.

    Google Jan 02 2022
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    I had a hair transplant in this hospital. Thank you very much Esra Gencer and her team. Everything went as planned. The hospital is clean and the pandemic rules are followed.. Esra Gencer team works patiently and meticulously. I am very satisfied. I recommend it to everyone. He is really an expert.. Stay healthy and happy. Lots of greetings from Germany..

    Google Jan 03 2022
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    Ms. Manager, Ms. Vasfiye, my doctor Ms. Nimet and all her cashiers and tomography osman Mr. Mr. MR Ali with many employees that I cant count, it is not a hospital, it is a warm family atmosphere, and they are very fast and good in most health services

    Google Jan 23 2022
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    He is a kissable man.. He is the highest of surgeons.. Ali Osman Mucuoglu is my doctor.. You saved me from the disease called hernia, may Allah be pleased with you. With his smiling face, sympathy and reassuring sentences, I had the surgery with peace of mind. I have had no pain. When I say, teacher, I will write here He said please feel good first, thats the important thing. What else can I say more human than life!..

    Google Jan 24 2022
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    Although it looks like a small hospital, its fine, and its doctors are experienced.

    Google Jan 25 2022