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Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews from Real Patients

Levent distric, Krizantem street no 30 Besiktas, Istanbul/Turkey
Focus Area: Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic | Cancer Treatment | Breast Cancer | Lung Cancer | Radiation Therapy | Chemotherapy | Istanbul | Turkey

About Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic

Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic is one of the leading multidisciplinary cancer treatment and care centers in Istanbul. Prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan is a radiation oncology specialist who brings great experience in treatment. .The Clinic provides services in Radiation Oncology, Medical oncology, Immunotherapy, Onkologic surgery, Brachytherapy, Ozone treatment and Check-up.

Alternative Medicine,Cancer Treatment,Executive Healthcheck,Pediatric Treatment,Radiology/CT Scans Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey at Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic

  • Kamile

    Dear Doctor, you can turn yourself in blindfolded.

    Facebook Oct 03 2018
  • Fetiye

    Yes, my teacher Berrin is my doctor who gave me a chance to live. He is my life.

    Facebook Nov 29 2018
  • Tacettin

    An experienced doctor who fully fulfills his duty

    Facebook Oct 04 2018
  • Belgin

    A sympathetic physician that is successful in his profession

    Facebook Mar 15 2019
  • Begum

    An experienced and successful doctor friend. Oncology patients and their patient relatives can apply to him with peace of mind for consultation and treatment.

    Facebook Sep 25 2018
  • Ufuk

    Teacher Lady Dr. Berrin is fabulous.

    Facebook Apr 29 2019
  • Hayriye

    Our beautiful and sympathetic doctor. My doctor Berrin has a different aspect. I could talk about everything easily while I was treated because he has a relaxing personality. No need for a psychologist. I love you my doc.

    Facebook Oct 23 2018
  • Idris

    Honest and well meaning person.

    Facebook Feb 01 2019
  • Gokhan

    Some people say that they are created for their profession, prof. Dr. Berrin wrestler experience; an exemplary doctor with a smiling face and approach to patients.

    Facebook Jul 13 2019
  • Serpil

    There are so many good and beautiful things to say about Ms. Berrin, she had my brother treatment and we had very successful results, she is always in our prayers. So glad to have you..

    Facebook Apr 05 2020

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