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Levent distric, Krizantem street no 30 Besiktas, Istanbul/Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey
Specialty: Alternative Medicine, Cancer Treatment, Executive Healthcheck, Pediatric Treatment, Radiology/CT Scans
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Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic Profile Overview


Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic is one of the leading providers of cancer treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. The clinic is owned by Prof. Dr. Berrin Pehlivan who is a graduate of Hacettepe University’s School of Medicine. After being affected by cancer in the family, she took interest in the field of oncology and studied Radiation Oncology at Boston University. 

She constantly improves her knowledge in the field by researching the use of global technologies. Pehlivan has created many articles, scientific publications and projects in the national and international arena. She currently trains doctors of the future, working as a faculty member of Bahçeşehir University, and continues her work at her private practice. She is the author of a book on her specialization entitled '50 Soruda Kanser' (Cancer in 50 Questions).

Benefits of Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey

Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, is a leading medical facility dedicated to providing the highest level of care for patients with cancer. With its state-of-the-art facilities, experienced staff, and a commitment to patient-centered care, Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic offers numerous benefits to patients seeking cancer treatment in Istanbul.

  • Experienced Oncologists and Cancer Specialists: Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic is staffed by some of the most experienced oncologists and cancer specialists in Istanbul. These doctors are highly trained and have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating a wide range of cancers. They work as a team to provide personalized and effective cancer care to each patient.

  • Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Technologies: The clinic is equipped with the latest cancer treatment technologies, including advanced radiation therapy and chemotherapy techniques, as well as cutting-edge surgical tools and techniques. These technologies allow for the most effective cancer treatment options for patients.

  • Comprehensive Cancer Care: Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic offers comprehensive cancer care, including diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and aftercare. Patients can receive all the care they need in one place, which can help them feel more at ease and reduce the stress of managing their cancer care.

  • Comfortable and Caring Environment: The clinic is designed to provide patients with a comfortable and caring environment. The staff is compassionate and supportive, and the facilities are designed with the comfort and well-being of patients in mind.

  • Affordable Cancer Treatment: Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic offers affordable cancer treatment options, which can help patients manage the financial burden of their treatment. This can make it easier for patients to receive the care they need, even if they do not have comprehensive health insurance coverage.

Services at Berrin Oncology Center in Istanbul, Turkey

Berrin Pehlivan and her team help people suffering from various cancer conditions such as:

  • Breast cancer

  • Brain cancer

  • Bladder cancer

  • Colon cancer

  • Chest cancer

  • Liver cancer

  • Oral cancer

  • Lung cancer 

  • Colon Cancer

  • Colonoscopy

  • Colonoscopy

  • Conformal Radiation Therapy

  • Cranio Facial Surgery

  • Cyberknife for Cancer

  • Chest Cancer

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Bone Marrow Transplant

  • Adrenal Glands Cancer

  • Cancer Treatment

  • Biological Hormone Therapy

  • Bladder Cancer

  • Bone Cancer

  • Brachytherapy -Internal Radiation Therapy

  • Brain Cancer

  • Breast Cancer

  • Cervical Cancer

  • Cervical Tumor Removal

  • Chemotherapy

  • Lung Cancer

  • Lymphoma

  • Oesophagus Cancer

  • Oral Cancer

  • Ovarian Cancer

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • PET Scan

  • Prostate Cancer

  • Proton Therapy

  • Radiation

  • Radiotherapy

  • Mandible Cancer

  • Maxillary Cancer

  • Rectal Resection

  • Salivary Glands Cancer

  • Skin Cancer

  • Stereotactic Radiotherapy

  • Stomach Cancer

  • Testicular Cancer

  • Thyroid Cancer

Choose Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey for Best Cancer Treatment

Berrin Pehlivan Oncology Clinic in Istanbul, Turkey, offers a range of benefits to patients seeking cancer treatment. With its experienced staff, cutting-edge technologies, and patient-centered care, patients can feel confident in receiving the best cancer care possible.

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