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Capital Hair Center Reviews in Istanbul, Turkey by Hair Transplant Patients

Kucukbakkalkoy Mahallesi, Atilla Ilhan Cd. No29-31, 34750 Atasehir/Istanbul
Price range:: $3250 to $3650
Focus Area: Capital Hair Center in Istanbul Turkey | Hair Transplantation | Hair Restroration | FUE | FUT | Follicular Unit Extraction

About Capital Hair Center

Capital Hair Center provides the best Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey by well-known hair transplant& plastic surgeon Ekrem Keskin. Book online now DHI, and Sapphire FUE at Capital Hair Center.

Medical Hair Restoration in Istanbul, Turkey Reviews of Hair Transplantation

  • James S

    Capital Hair Center is much more than a hair transplant clinic.
    I am really happy to choose Capital Hair Center because they give all their patients the red-carpet treatment.

    They provided accommodation in a luxury hotel. When I arrived at the airport, they welcomed me with a private car.
    I made a consultation with Dr. Ekrem Keskin, he determined my hairline and decided I need almost 3500 grafts.
    The operation was great and comfortable.
    If you are interested in undergoing a hair transplant operation, I highly recommend Capital Hair Center.

    patient Apr 27 2022
  • Ethan M

    I got a hair transplant procedure with Dr. Ekrem Keskin.
    I’m very happy with natural-looking result. All medical staff and Dr. Ekrem Keskin are very professional and friendly.
    I recommend Capital Hair Center those who want to have hair transplant operation

    patient Apr 26 2022
  • Alia Z

    Excellent clinic, excellent service!
    I am very satisfied with the Capital Hair Center that I chose for my hair transplant operation.
    Other services such as accommodation in a luxury hotel and transfer service are also very good.
    Thanks for everything

    patient Apr 26 2022
  • Daniel R

    I am very satisfied with my hair transplant result and the whole service at Capital Hair Center
    Thanks for everything

    patient Apr 27 2022
  • Daniel T

    Before going into the operation, there was only one question in my mind, "Will the result look natural?"
    I've asked this question to everyone at every opportunity, and they said that Dr.Ekrem Keskin is a plastic surgeon, he is very careful about points such as symmetry and facial harmony and determined the hairline in the most ideal way. So, they replied that I will have a natural-looking result.

    I must confess that I still had doubts in me. However, after I saw my operation results and my hair started to grow, I realized how wrong I was. My hair doesn't look like I've ever had an operation. People who do not know that I had a hair transplant operation are very surprised when I tell them that I had an operation.

    If you want natural-looking hair, your address should be Capital Hair Center / Dr. Ekrem Keskin.

    patient Apr 27 2022
  • Kinsley K

    I had been suffering from hair loss very long time. Losing hair made me feel more depressed. That's why I finally decided to have a hair transplant.

    While researching on the internet, I came across Capital Hair Center. I sent them an e-mail for information. They responded quickly to my e-mail. I talked to their medical consultants face to face via Whatsapp.
    Together we set the most suitable date for the operation. Up to this point, the professionalism of the team made a good impression on me.
    They welcomed me very well when I arrived in Turkey, met Dr. Ekrem Keskin. He is very courteous and understanding person. After my consultation with Dr. Ekrem Keskin, I had the operation and, it went very well.

    My hair is starting to grow and, I see what a good decision I made. Thank you Dr. Ekrem Keskin and his team for their professional approach.

    patient Apr 27 2022
  • M. G

    For a long time, I had self-confidence problems caused by hair loss.
    I contacted Capital Hair Center because I wanted to come through this problem with hair transplantation.
    Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ekrem Keskin determined the bald areas and calculated how many grafts I need.

    I thought everyone would understand that I had a hair transplant, but it did not happen. I have very natural-looking hair.
    Thanks to Dr. Ekrem Keskin, I enjoy feeling young again.

    Best regards to the Capital Hair Center Team

    Pateint Apr 26 2022
  • Mike B

    When I first contacted Capital Hair Center, they were very friendly to me. Thank you to the team who answered all my questions in detail.
    When I came to Turkey, I consulted with Dr. Ekrem Keskin. I was very nervous before going into the consultation, but his friendly behavior and answering all my questions made me feel very comfortable.

    He relieved my mind by telling me that “we had time, take your time and ask your all questions to me. Dr. Ekrem Keskin determined my hairline properly.

    I had a nice and comfortable operation.
    Thanks to Dr. Ekrem Keskin and his team.

    Patient Apr 26 2022
  • Richard T

    Before I had a hair transplant, I researched all the doctors in Turkey. Dr. Ekrem Keskin stood out amongst other doctors as a plastic surgeon. Since his area of expertise is skin, I thought that this affect my operation in a positive way.
    After the operation, I saw that this thought was correct. I had a rapid recovery and now waiting to see the final results.
    Dr. Thanks to Ekrem Keskin and his team.

    Patient Apr 26 2022

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