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Best Hair Transplant In Turkey at Optimed Hospital

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Optimed Hospital Hair Restoration Surgery in Turkey

Best Hair Transplant In Turkey by Optimed Hospital

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital presents Professional Medical Staff and Surgeons, high-tech Medical Services, and is very concerned with patient safety and satisfaction. If you are a patient from both local and overseas who are looking for the Best Hair Transplant in Turkey, Optimed International Hospital will make that wish come true.

Techniques Used for Hair Transplant in Turkey 

Hair transplantation is performed in our hospital in accordance with all health standards. We do all the stages of the process ourselves with our expert staff. Hair transplantation can generally be applied between the ages of 18-60.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International can also be applied at a young age, as you can encounter hair loss at any age. Hair transplantation is performed not only for men but also for women when needed. The technique used in hair transplant operations is also an important element.

Today, it is seen that different systems such as PRP-supported FUE hair transplant techniques are preferred more. In addition, as an important detail, hair transplantation has a very low risk of side effects or complications except for temporary images that occur during the physical recovery process in the body.

Nowadays, the lack of beard and mustache in some men due to hormonal imbalances or genetic factors can cause discomfort in men. In such cases, beard and mustache transplantation has been performed and studies have been developed to eliminate the problem.

There is no treatment for new hair growth such as beard and mustache in hairless areas yet. For this reason, the best method is transplantation, as in hair transplantation methods. A more aesthetic appearance is provided by the FUE technique to the areas that do not grow beard and mustache.

After the operation in Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International, there is no permanent scar in the area where the hairs were removed or in the area where the hairs were transplanted. As in hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the nape area, and these grafts are transferred to areas without beard and mustache.

Advantages of Getting Hair Restoration in Optimed International Hospital Turkey

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital presents a number of benefits that can be obtained by all patients. Not only in terms of quality, but there are also several other benefits that can be obtained, including the following:

  • Affordable Prices: Best Hair Transplant in Turkey provides friendly prices for its patients, and of course it is cheaper than the prices of similar treatments in hospitals in other countries. The affordable price is followed by superior quality, so that patients will really get maximum satisfaction.
  • International Standard: You will get services that meet and run international standards so that you will really get convenience from various aspects when undergoing Best Hair Transplant in Turkey.
  • Easy Communication in English: For those of you who are worried about the language barrier, there is no need to worry. The reason is, here you will be able to communicate smoothly with all Medical Staff, Administrative Officers, Surgeons, and all Optimed International Hospital employees using English. What you want to talk about with the Medical Staff here will be conveyed properly and clearly.

How Much Does Hair Transplantion Cost in Turkey 

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey Pricing gives you a very friendly price so you don't have to dig into your wallet too deep. Not surprisingly, this price attracts patients from abroad to come to Turkey. More information about prices you can see below:

Hair Transplant Prices in Turkey Comparison with Other Countries

What about the costs you have to spend if you undergo a similar treatment in another country? Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital guarantees you will be able to get a friendly and competitive price compared to treatment prices from other countries below:

Country Cost
United States up to $15,000
United Kingdom up to $30,000
Canada up to $17,000

What is include in Hair Transplant package in Turkey?

Some of the common inclusions that you will get include the following. However, make sure that you ask the Customer Representative beforehand if there are other inclusions that are not listed below:

  • Pre and Post-Operative Consultations
  • Overall Medical Expenses
  • Overall Hospital Fee

What is exclude from Hair Transplant package in Turkey?

You need to know what are the exclusions for Best Hair Transplant in Turkey so that you will be able to prepare for several things that are not on the list. Alternatively, you can ask the hospital for help to provide the additional facilities you need. Some of these exclusions are generally as follows:

  • Hotels with various levels (Standard, Medium or Luxury)
  • Other additional meals outside of those facilitated by the hospital
  • Airfare and outside transportation facilitated by Optimed International Hospital

Before and After Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey at Optimed Hospital

A number of patients have undergone Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital and received satisfactory results. In the end, their appearance has improved thanks to Hair Transplant performed by well-known Specialists in Turkey. Here are before and after pictures of some patients who have undergone hair transplant in Optimed:

Before and After Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey at Optimed Hospital

Before and After Hair Transplant in Istanbul Turkey at Optimed Hospital

What Optimied International Hospital Offer for Hair Transplantation in Turkey?

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International offers many conveniences to provide the satisfaction that patients need. All accommodation, facilities, laboratories, experienced medical staff, you can easily get. As the quality policy and goals of this hospital ensure to keep patient satisfaction above 100 percent! Here are some of the facilities offered by Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital

Detailed Information about Your Treatment Plan

Patients will get detailed information about what treatment plans can be obtained. All will be explained by the Surgeon in charge who handles you.

Accommodation and Other Facilities

For additional facilities, accommodation, and other needs, you can contact the Customer Representative so that they can plan everything well in advance. As a result, when the time comes, you will be able to enjoy all the facilities that you have communicated with the Optimed International Hospital Customer Representative.

Service Before and After Treatment

No need to worry about the service you get here, because all patients will get before and Aftercare service so you can always monitor the results and progress of your Hair Transplant.

Why go to Optimied International Hospital for Hair Treatment in Turkey?

Patients have the right to get the best and satisfying service. This is where Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital is here to answer all the complex problems you are experiencing. With years of experience serving a wide variety of patients from all over the world, you will receive treatment as if you were at home. Here are the reasons why Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital is highly recommended for you:

Respect and Care for Patients

You will really feel like meeting your own family here. All Medical Staff work in a friendly, fast and professional manner. You will not feel alone and made as comfortable as possible.

Best Reputable Hospital in Turkey

Optimed International Hospital is in the top ranking for Best Hair Transplant in Turkey. Armed with this good reputation, all patients will be able to undergo their treatment more calmly and relaxed.

The Right Choice For Medical Tourism

Many patients from abroad come to Optimed International Hospital and undergo various treatments. Here, not only Best Hair Transplant in Turkey is famous, but also several other medical treatments. You will not only be able to undergo medical treatment, but also take a moment to have fun with your family and loved ones.

Procedure and Time Period for Hair Treatment

More information about the procedure and time period of treatment will be explained directly by the Medical Staff who treats you. You can contact Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital and ask what things you should prepare and bring with you beforehand. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly and that you don't miss a single requirement.

Factors that Affect Price of Hair Transplantion in Turkey

There are several factors that can affect the treatment you do at Optimed International Hospital. You are advised to speak directly in advance about matters relating to administration, medical track record, and other information that you may need to convey to Optimed International Hospital. Some of the factors that generally affect this treatment include:

  • Age, Congenital Disease, and Health Condition of the patient
  • The level of difficulty of the treatment performed on the patient
  • Laboratory test results about your body's real condition

Most frequently asked questions for Hair Transplantation

Many questions were asked regarding Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital. The following are the details of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that are often asked by prospective patients who want to undergo treatment at Optimed International Hospital.

Why Hair Transplant in Turkey is Cheaper than in Other Countries?

Generally, Best Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost is 70 percent cheaper than in other countries such as Europe, United Kingdom and United States. Even though it is cheaper, the quality provided by Optimed International Hospital to patients is still of international standard and guaranteed quality

How Much Hair Transplant in Turkey Price?

You will be able to get a competitive price. You are allowed to consult directly with Optimed International Hospital who will provide transparent information about the costs you have to prepare.

How Long Hair Transplant Last?

After undergoing treatment, most patients will be able to get significant hair growth within 6 months, while full results will be obtained approximately 1 year after treatment.

What is the Success Percentage of Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Supported by advanced technology, experienced specialists, and world class quality owned by Best Hair Transplant in Turkey by Optimed International Hospital, you will be able to get a 100% success guarantee, provided you do what is recommended by the specialist who treats you, and know the applicable disclaimer.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey Travel Guide

Make sure you have saved the complete address data for Optimed International Hospital, so you can get an idea of ​​where the location points that you should visit are. This hospital is located in the Istanbul region of Turkey. Therefore, if you are from abroad, then you can use an airplane and get off at Istanbul Airport (IST) or Sabiha Gokcen (SAW). Upon arrival at the airport, you can request assistance for pick-up facilities from Optimed International Hospital in advance. Alternatively, you can use a taxi, bus, or any other means of transportation to arrive at the location. However, if you are a local resident living in the Istanbul, Turkey area, you can use any transportation that suits your needs.

Video Reviews: How To Get Best Hair Implantation In Turkey

For those of you who want to know more about how to get the Best Hair Transplant In Turkey, you can follow a number of tips below. In addition, you will also get enlightenment about what things must be prepared before undergoing this important treatment. Here's the full video:

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What you need to Know before Going for Hair Transplant?

There are several things you need to know before undergoing Best Hair Transplant In Turkey. With careful preparation beforehand, you will be able to undergo treatment without being constrained by any issues at all. Here are some of those important points:

  • Know exactly what Hair Transplant you want.
  • Prepare sufficient funds, not only funds for Hair Transplant costs, but also other accommodation costs, especially if you are a foreign patient.
  • Know who the specialist will be treating you, and don't hesitate to consult.
  • Prepare your best mentally and physically because the effects of this Hair Transplant will generally only be felt a few months later.

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It's time to realize the dream of having thick and beautiful hair according to what you need. Best Hair Transplant In Turkey by Optimed International Hospital will help you get everything you need. For more information, please click the button below:

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