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American Biodental Center in Tijuana, Mexico Reviews From Dental Patients

Grand Hotel Tijuana 4558 Agua Caliente Blvd. CC1B, Tijuana, 22014
Price range:: $15 to $705
Focus Area: American Biodental Center | Holistic Dentist in Tijuana Mexico | Amalgam Removal | Implants | Root Canal Removal | Veneers | Metal-Free Crowns | Inlays or Onlays with Bio-Compatible Materials

About American Biodental Center

American BioDental Center is a renowned dental center located in Tijuana, Mexico. Offering a wide range of Holistic dental procedures (amalgam removal, cavitations, root canal removal, heavy metal detox, veneers, crowns, bridges, cosmetic dentistry, ozone therapy) at affordable prices and using cutting-edge technology, American BioDental Center welcomes both local and international patients.

Dental Implants in Tijuana Mexico Reviews at American Biodental Center

  • Brooklin K

    I had multiple extractions, IV therapy & chiropractic care here. It is a great place to come to get care. My experience after 1 of my extraction sessions was almost no swelling & I felt GREAT. I was completely amazed! The ozone, plasma & vitamin C was so good to ensure healing after extraction. The other IV’s & chiropractic care further supported my healing & my health has transformed after removing all infection from my mouth. I’m finally able to do things I used to struggle with, & I continue to improve my strength. THANK YOU!!

    American Biodental Center Apr 09 2022
  • Beverly M

    I have been coming to American bio dental for almost a year now and have had so many excellent changes in my health. I have had a considerable amount of dental work done and am very pleased with the overall condition of my teeth now. I have had IVs and and PRP and am having many great changes in my physical health due to this. I am so pleased that I found this wonderful clinic for my overall wellness. I continue to come back at least once a month or more for ongoing wellness services. The Staff are extremely friendly and professional, this has made the experience here even greater! I will continue to keep coming here and bringing my friends.

    American Biodental Center Nov 23 2021
  • Elizabeth B

    This is absolutely the very best experience I have had at a dentist in my whole life of 46 years. Alex, the son of the owner, did my evaluation and treatment plan. He was very professional, very thorough and he took the time to explain everything very well. I could tell right away I was in good hands. I scheduled for the work and was picked up at the border parking lot by Alex, in a very nice, clean white SUV with leather seats. Upon arriving at the very clean, high tech, high rise building, I was warmly greeted by Eduardo, the best dentist ever. I had 3 hours of work done and never any pain. It was the very first time I ever felt really relaxed in a dentist chair. Eduardo was very gentle and did a fantastic job repairing my teeth. I couldn’t be happier with the result, I feel like a new woman with a solid mouth full of beautiful teeth! Thank you Alex and Eduardo for the great service! American BioDental is my new dentist for life! If you are looking for a great dentist, look no further, it doesn’t get any better than this!

    American Biodental Center May 10 2022
  • Cecile M

    I found American Biodental Center a few years ago and consider myself very fortunate. I was instantly impressed by everyone who works here, the care and professionalism, their expertise, their ability to make me feel comfortable. The Center is immaculate and gorgeous, it feels good to be here, not stressful.
    I came here for their cutting-edge protocol. Good health starts in the mouth. My dentist, Dr. Maria Carmen Rosas is meticulous, thorough and caring. I’m sure all the biodentists on staff are of the same level of professionalism. I highly recommend the quality and affordability of this office.

    American Biodental Center May 02 2022