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About IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies

Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies offers a wide range of therapies and approaches gathered in a holistic answer to various medical problems. Patients coming here can benefit from the advantages offered by physiotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, orthopedic manual therapy and many more.

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Alternative Medicine,Ayurveda Reviews in Thessaloniki, Greece

  • mcharalampidou

    With a few acupuncture sessions, my digestive system and my mood as a whole improved. Consistent, kind and with knowledge and experience Carine, I highly recommend her as a therapist

    Google Feb 02 2022
  • christien

    Karine is an excellent physiotherapist and is great with acupuncture. Highly recommended .

    Google Feb 25 2022
  • Anne

    Carine is a very good therapist, who makes accurate diagnosis and gives good helpful therapy! I gladly recommend her to you and all who seek helping hands to lift the pains!

    Google Feb 09 2022
  • nolet

    After only 6 times of treatment at Carine I feel much better and the back pain I had disappeared. He did acupuncture for me my first time and you. The discussions in a good atmosphere also helped the exercises he recommended for me at home. Carine is a pleasant person with extensive experience in alternative therapies. I recommend her to everyone !!

    Google Mar 17 2022
  • Cactuz

    Karin is very friendly and professional in her work, I was very happy.

    Google May 19 2022
  • Kotti

    Mrs. Karina did acupuncture and physiotherapy to my aunt this summer.
    The result was impressive!
    My aunt's hands and especially her left hand could not hold anything, it was very sore and swollen.
    Her legs and waist also hurt a lot.
    It is now 99% very very very good!
    Mrs. Karina, thank you for helping my aunt get well!

    Google Oct 22 2021
  • Terpsi

    Excellent professional with extensive experience and knowledge in physiotherapy. She works mainly with her hands. I would highly recommend it.

    Google Oct 20 2021
  • Ioni

    Last summer I went to Carine for issues of longterm back pain. The tips and exercises he gave me have helped me a lot. 3 months have passed and my pains have not returned. The most correct diagnosis I have received so far !! :)

    I also tried my first Reiki session with Carine! Due to stress and lack of drive, motivation, I was curious to see if Carine could help me get rid of this block through Reiki. Personally, I enjoyed this experience, and the way Carine handled it put me in a process of processing my thoughts and the energy I had at the time. Without specific expectations, it was a very interesting experience and something I would do again!

    Google Nov 18 2021
  • Konstantia

    I have had the most profound spiritual experience with Carine and would recommend those who are on this journey of spiritual growth to trust that she will be able to assist and guide you on this path!
    I purchased the ancestrol release audio during Covid time and went through all the meditations this has allowed me to feel lighter, uplifted and freer when I completed the whole process. I would not hesitate to continue with other programs or services that she offers which will take me even further in my spiritual awakening.
    Thank you Carine from my heart! I am grateful for all that you have offered me!!!!

    Google Jul 20 2021
  • Regina

    She is a deep knower of her subject with respect to the uniqueness and uniqueness of each patient and with empathy .... Thank you Carine!

    Google Jan 24 2022
  • Anonymous

    This is the testimonial of a patient who has successfully undergone Alternative Medicine procedures at IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece.

    Dec 25 2021
  • Anonymous

    This is the testimonial of a patient who has successfully undergone Alternative Therapies at IASIS Center for Physiotherapy & Alternative Therapies in Thessaloniki, Greece.

    Dec 02 2021
  • Nick L

    The original Iasis healer of Thessaloniki! My time with Carine can only be described as transformational.

    After 6 years of seeing countless doctors and physical therapists for my chronic back pain, she suspected that I had an underlying issue deeper than the pain itself: an autoimmune disease. She made the referral to a naturopath in town, who diagnosed me with the disease she suspected. I am now on my way to a successful recovery, after years of struggling to improve - and I would not have been able to do it without this diagnosis. I have her to thank for shielding me from what would have been a lifetime of pain.

    Carine is a skilled physiotherapist. She is also well versed in acupuncture, massage, reiki, and aura cleansing. I had a chance to experience all of her skills during my 5 weeks in Thessaloniki. Each was effective, and very affordable.

    If you live in Thessaloniki, or are in Greece to explore what it means to achieve holistic health, you must schedule an appointment at Iasis. Carine will get you there.

    Thank you so much Carine for all your help!

    Nov 09 2018
  • Zahida S

    Carine is an incredibly gifted, sincere and experienced healer. She is compassionate, spiritual, empathic, and attentive. A few months before going on vacation to Greece, I approached Carine to do a remote (long distance) reiki therapy. Although I had not contacted her in years, the first thing she said was “When do you want the therapy? “ I had extreme pain on my right hand (after my carpal tunnel surgery) and could not use it very well. As a result, the pain also caused a lot of tension on my right shoulder, arm and neck. I was extremely exhausted from a lack of sleep and all the pain. During the reiki session, it was as if Carine was in the room with me. I felt the reiki energy on my body and especially on my right hand where the nerves were blocked/knotted. I also felt the nerves slowly untangling itself allowing the blood to flow. After the long distance session, I was completely relaxed and spoke with Carine via what’s app. She patiently answered all my questions regarding the treatment. Since then, the pain on my right hand decreased considerably and I only feel pain if I pick up heavy things or use my hand without taking a break. Thank you dear friend. During my summer vacation in Greece this year, I took a few days off to do a Reiki 1 course/seminar with Carine, in Thessaloniki (which was given in English). I just felt that it was time for me to learn Reiki 1. During the seminar, Carine was really attentive, had a sense of humour and made time for each step of the attunement/initiation. She explained the “after effects” a person can experience after doing Reiki 1. The experience was wonderful and very special and I feel truly blessed. Thank you Carine! With self-treatment of reiki, I can now reduce my stress (help prevent a burn out), feel more relaxed and have the inner peace to pursue my spiritual growth.

    Aug 23 2017
  • Foteini

    Carine Vloemans is an excellent therapist. Very well informed and educated, every visit is a valuable lesson for me. Well located and easy parking, great prices and the smell, oh the smell... lavender all around the place! Relaxing, soothing... absolutely perfect.. I wish I could vote with 10 stars.

    Apr 01 2017

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