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ISIDA IVF reviews for Fertility Treatment in Kiev, Ukraine

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  • Inna 2018-11-07 Ukraine

    Isida clinic has given us not one, but two babies! We did not expect it, but an ultrasound showed that we were blessed with two boys. Now we are worried doubly, but happy twice as much at the same time. We will be great parents of twins, no worries about that!

  • Marta 2018-06-27 Kiev, UA

    Even the best words in the world cannot express the feeling I have experienced upon finding out about my pregnancy! And with twins! After so many emotional stresses and tears, after many months of waiting, I finally became a mother of son and daughter thanks to ISIDA clinic! You made the impossible possible!

  • Milana 2018-06-07 Kyiv

    Our little son is an incredible happiness given to us by the «Isida» clinic. Doctors here are the best! In case you have already decided to make IVF, but cannot make your choice of the clinic, I highly recommend Isida.

  • Ann 2018-05-31 Ua

    Visited ISIDA in October last year. Got 2 embryos transferred and both survived! Now I'm on my sixth month. Pregnancy course goes pretty well, we can’t wait to finally see our babies!

  • Kaley 2018-05-30 Catania, Italy

    I want to thank the team of ISIDA clinic from the bottom of my heart! Here work competent specialists with many years of experience; thoughtful service and respectful crew members. Despite all the difficulties, you helped me give birth to my baby daughter, so thank you for that!

  • Valeria 2018-05-08 Lviv, Ukraine

    Recently, our family has become truly full - we had a baby boy! A huge gratitude to the ISIDA IVF clinic for giving us the meaning of life - our son. Our happiness has no limits, there are no words to describe it...

  • Carolina 2018-05-03 Valencia, Spain

    I want to thank Shiyanova S.V.. She, as the phrase goes, has a God-given talent. Svetlana Vladimirovna is an experienced fertility specialist who treats patients very professionally and at the same time delicately. I owe having my child completely to her. Thank you very much!

  • Stanisława 2018-04-28 Kraków, Poland

    When we came to Isida for the first time, we have almost lost any hope: I had serious problems with gynecology, and my husband's semen analysis wasn’t good either. The doctor managed to give us confidence for the positive outcome. She supported us very much and prescribed the training, after which we did IVF. Now I'm on my 6th month of pregnancy))

  • Rose 2018-04-05 Kyiv, Ukraine

    Very good medical center. We succeeded from the second attempt. Now my son is 1,5 years old and everything is going well). Individual approach, experienced doctors tuned to only positive result, modern equipment – everything is at the highest level (otherwise, we wouldn’t try for the second time here). I recommend ISIDA wholeheartedly!

  • Kate 2018-04-03 Kyiv, Ukraine

    I would like to say the warmest words to all the employees of ISIDA. In my opinion, it is the best IVF clinic in the world!) Doctors are top-ranked specialists, the staff is kind and sympathetic, treating every patient as a "family member")). Only here I received real help and an adequate answer about the reasons of my problems.

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