PlacidWay Announces Relationship with Stem Cell Therapy Group

PlacidWay Announces New Relationship with Stem Cell Therapy Group Vienna

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Stem Cell Therapy Group Vienna

PlacidWay Announces New Relationship with Stem Cell Therapy Group, Austria

PlacidWay announces a new relationship with Stem Cell Therapy Group in Austria, providing private clinics throughout Austria, that offer the latest in state-of-the-art stem cell medical technologies.

Stem cell therapies in Vienna7/23/13, Denver, CO: Denver, CO: PlacidWay announces a newly developed a relationship with Stem Cell Therapy in Vienna, providing access to a large number of private clinics in Austria.

Offering the latest in state-of-the-art stem cell technologies, the medical group, founded in 2011, specialized in regenerative medicine, training and research.

Under the purview of Dr. George S. Kobinia the stem cell therapy is focused on promoting awareness of advancements in stem cell therapies and strives to promote stem cell treatments and technologies as a reputable, acknowledged and certified method for the treatment of formally untreatable conditions and disease processes.

"At our facilities our patients can expect the latest in medical research and technologies for the treatment of different neurological diseases, vascular conditions or issues," states Dr. Kobinia. "We facilitate treatments for stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism as well as for optimal wound healing scenarios and rejuvenation."

Dr. George S. Kobinia is an internationally recognized specialist in surgery, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, in addition to his skill and experience in performing adult stem cell therapies. Stem Cell Therapy Vienna intensifies the research in regenerative medicine continuously and cooperates with several specialists of this field.

"A state-of-the-art infrastructure, high standards of sterility and a guaranteed validation process as well as testing of stem cells are just of the few benefits of engaging the services of Stem Cell Therapy Vienna," states Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay, one of the largest and fastest-growing medical resources and providers in the United States. "The facility only performs autologous adult stem cell therapies, referring to stem cells harvested from a patient's own body, which reduces the risk of rejection and promotes optimal outcomes."

Adult stem cell therapiesStem cell treatments and therapies Vienna

Stem Cell Therapy Vienna engages in one-on-one studies with individuals, ensuring that he or she is a good candidate for positive outcomes when it comes to stem cell treatments and therapies.

The facility employs the latest technologies and methods in processing autologous bone marrow-derived stem cells which results in obtaining higher numbers of viable stem cells and minimizing the time between collection and administration of such cells for treatments to a few hours.

This method ensures that stem cells have the greatest chance of rejuvenating and replicating damaged or diseased cells in specific locations and in the treatment of specific conditions and diseases.

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