ENT Procedures at Ekol Hospitals in Turkey

Ekol Hospital in Turkey expands its specialty ENT services to international travellers through its partnership with PlacidWay

Ekol Hospitals is proud to provide specialty ENT services – offering a perfect mix of exceptional hospital infrastructure, medical technology and a committed medical staff to cater the needs of locals and medical travellers from Europe and Asia. Ekol Hospital is the first and the largest best-equipped ENT Hospital in Turkey and Europe. With the help of PlacidWay, Ekol Hospital can widen its reach of ENT treatments to patients from all over the globe.

Turkey’s geographical location has aided considerably the growth of medical tourism in Europe and Asia. The country, known as a tourist holiday destination has already established itself as an international tourist’s sanctuary for implant dentistry and aesthetic/plastic surgery. Not only that, another specialization Turkey is slowly emerging as a destination for is Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeries and Treatments. A primordial medical center that specializes in ENT is Ekol Hospitals, Izmir, Turkey.

Since its inception in 2007, Ekol Hospitals Group, is one of the first and largest Ear Nose Throat Hospital in Turkey and Europe! Aside from specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat Treatments, Ekol Hospitals Group is grounded in delivering a comprehensive healthcare service approach, offering patient services both in medical and surgical disciplines, such as Eye Surgery, Aesthetic/Plastic Surgeries, and Dental Treatments.

Prof. Dr. M.G?khan Erpek, Ear Nose & Throat Specialist at Ekol Hospital

"Providing ENT diagnostics and treatments also plays an integral role in the global health care delivery system. I believe with the expertise we provide, many patients will benefit with our way of compassionate treatment and caring. Establishing a partnership with PlacidWay, Ekol Hospital Group is better positioned to continue providing what we believe will be the most comprehensive model of care in ENT,” said Prof. Dr. M.Gökhan Erpek, Ear Nose & Throat Specialist at Ekol Hospital. “With the new business relationship that we are forming with PlacidWay, we are partners with an organization that also share our patient-centered values.”

“We are very excited about our new relationship with Ekol Hospital,” said Pramod Goel, CEO of PlacidWay. “Ekol Hospital’s rapid growth is due to their focus on quality healthcare services and compassionate approach to personalized patient care. It is equally important to have a partner that recognizes where the future of global health care is going and at PlacidWay, we believe we have also found that in Ekol Hospital.”

Ekol Hospital is equally proud of its medical providers. They are highly trained and experienced surgeons and specialists. Most of them studied their specializations abroad and are members of prestigious medical/surgical associations. While managing patients, they are also university lecturers, scientific researchers and have published their works in well-known local and international journals. Relating and caring for international patients have never been a concern because most are also well versed in speaking English.

Cutting-edge ENT Diagnosis & Treatment Services only found at EKOL Hospital

Cutting-edge ENT Diagnosis & Treatment Services only found at EKOL Hospital

Ekol Hospitals, Izmir, Turkey has unique service units delivering the most advanced ENT treatments now catering to global patients. International patients are treated well and are offered affordable prices for treatments. Aside from polyclinics, CT scans, technologically advanced operating rooms, Ekol Hospital is also equipped with a Balance and Vertigo Unit, Snoring and Sleep Laboratories, Vocal Analysis Laboratories, Audiology and Hearing Laboratories, as well as adept with cutting edge treatment such as Carbon Dioxide Laser and Light Treatment for Allergic Catarrh.

Other treatment modalities Ekol Hospital is an expert in providing are Nose surgery (rhinoplasty), Endoscopic sinus surgery (for sinusitis), Pediatric tonsil and adenoid operations (thru laser), Cochlear Implant, diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders (thru videostroboscopy or slow motion observation recording of vocal chords), Throat Cancer Operations, Snoring and sleep apnea operations (Classical/Laser Surgery and Surgical treatments of facial fractures.


Compassionate International Patient Services at EKOL

Ekol Hospital offers affordable healthcare solutions in a vacation-like setting. This stance brings a more positive effect as medical travellers easily feel more relaxed about the treatment they are undergoing.

“This has been one of the primordial goals at Ekol Hospital’s International Patient Services.  We believe that every international patient has a unique healthcare journey here at Ekol,” reiterates Prof.Dr. M.Gökhan Erpek. We have a created a guideline so that our international patients will feel more convenient and relaxed while receiving diagnostics and treatments.”

A patient’s Ekol Healthcare Journey begins once they have an online application and consultation. Then, scheduling of appointments and travel planning is arranged by Ekol staff. Once the patient arrives, Ekol Hospitals warmly welcomes them with airport pick-up and drop-off services using VIP cars, with accommodations at the hospital’s 5 star hotel, providing patients with comforting Turkish hospitality. Once the treatment process begins, consulting the patients’ treatment expectations is given importance in order for them to get the best diagnosis and treatment.

Comprehensive ENT Healthcare Services in Turkey

Aside from providing the patient’s needs, Ekol Hospital’s International Patient Services Center also offers assistance for the patient’s companions. Ekol Hospitals believes that a patient’s family or those who accompany them during treatments should also be taken cared of. That’s why at Ekol, wireless internet, public transport access, comfort rooms, wheelchairs, interpreter services (English, Arabic, German & Russian) are accessible to even during weekends, for 24 hours and especially during emergencies.

Other international patient services that Ekol also provide include consultations (second opinion), cost treatment estimates, facilitation of hospital admission and discharge,  hospital discharge instructions from physicians, securing the copies of medical reports after consultations, acquiring discounted flight rates and other benefits via our preferred carrier (Turkish Airlines) and other services upon request.

Once the treatment process is terminated, insurance (international & local) and billing assistance is provided as well as follow-up care when the patient goes back to his home country.  

“A partnership with Ekol Hospital Group also mirrors our commitment to quality patient care, and the importance of customized approach to affordable and accessible healthcare, so that all the patient’s healthcare needs are truly met,” said Mr. Goel, CEO of PlacidWay.“Thru Ekol, we can provide another comprehensive ENT healthcare service option to individuals from Asia, the Middle East, Europe and other parts of the globe. Together, PlacidWay and Ekol Hospital Group will provide a global model of excellent care that values the whole patient.”

About PlacidWay:

PlacidWay continues to partner with medical centers all over the globe creating a global model of care that aims to provide comprehensive healthcare information services, so that global patients can make sound informed decisions regarding their healthcare.


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