Cosmetic Dental Treatments Abroad

Cosmetic Dental Treatments Abroad

The many brands on dentistry make it hard to differentiate which dental treatment can be right to go abroad and which doesn’t. Unlike other Dental Treatments, Cosmetic Dentistry is less complex and less invasive than, for example, restorative dentistry. Indeed, it can be completed in just one visit, or within a few days.

If you choose to go abroad for cosmetic dentistry, you can save a substantial amount compared to the price you will have to pay in your home country. To give you an idea, the price for the dental bonding in the US can go up to $300 and as little as $70 in Mexico. Or also, dental veneers in the UK cost £300 or more while in Hungary or Poland the price could be half of it or even less. Since cosmetic treatments are very unlikely to be covered by insurance or health companies, because they are not considerate a medical need, it can be very attractive to patients to travel due the affordable prices offered abroad.

So, what cosmetic dentistry procedures are suitable for dental care travel and can be easily found abroad?

White fillings

White fillings allow you to forget you had a dental procedure due the natural look you’ll get on your teeth. Even when most people will prefer white fillings instead of the traditional silver amalgam fillings as these are not always covered by public health systems, nor by most dental insurances because, in most cases, white fillings are classified as cosmetic dentistry (unless they are put on your front teeth).

The good news is that you can easily undergo this dental treatment abroad as they take little time, and there is no significant difference on the amount of time it takes to place traditional amalgam fillings with white fillings. Nevertheless, always remember to check with the dentist of your choice what kind of materials he is using, to make sure you’ll get the best and most recent ones with more strength and durability.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a simple yet effective procedure, which allows you to remove visible teeth stains caused by coffee, tea and even medications. Coffee, wine, cigarettes and other substances leave permanent imperfections simply removed by the most modern teeth whitening procedures such as laser treatment, where the chemicals used to bleach the teeth is improved by adding powerful light pulses. The result of course is an amazing improvement of your smile.

The advantage of teeth whitening is that it can be finished in a single session, or a few sessions in a week or two. This advantage allows you to travel to an amazing destination such as Costa Rica, Mexico, Cyprus or Turkey on any holiday break you may have.


Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures Abroad

Dental bonding

Sometimes when teeth whitening procedure just doesn’t help you due the amount of damage or stains your teeth may have, dental bonding (a procedure where a special tooth coloured resin is attached to your pre-pared teeth surface), can be the solution for you. This procedure is completed with UV light, and then shaped to match the rest of your teeth, so it will look very natural.

As dental bonding takes under an hour per tooth to be completed, it can be easily finished in one session or two. Another advantage is that no anesthetic is required, so it means less recovery time and risk. Additionally, there is no need to return for extra treatment, reasons why dental bounding is perfect for going abroad.

Porcelain veneers

When dental boding is not adequate, then a next step needs to be taken. That next step is usually porcelain veneers. Although is not a permanent solution, is much more durable than dental bonding. In this procedure, customized veneers are placed over the damaged or stained teeth improving the tooth’s appearance, filling its cavities and creating a stunning smile by adjusting the look of crooked teeth.

Veneers are not a complicated procedure, but they involve a minimum of two visits to your dentist office. On the first visit, the tooth will be prepared and the molds taken. In the second one, the veneer will be attached. The second visit will be planned when the lab finishes the veneer, so, if the veneer is not finished while you are still in the country, you will have to come back to finish the procedure.

You need to remember to always ensure veneers, especially when done abroad, are done with the best high-quality materials, so your trip will be a good investment and will save you money without creating you problems later on.

Tooth reshaping

Tooth reshaping involves creating a more aesthetic tooth for you. It is considered an art, so if you need to find a highly skilled dental professional abroad for undergoing tooth reshaping procedure, you’ll never go wrong.

On tooth reshaping, the crooked, chipped or oversized teeth are molded and changed to create more attractive tooth that matches with the size and shape of all other teeth by simply subtracting slight quantities of tooth enamel. Tooth reshaping also involves improving the tooth with bonding or resin fillers and helping them look more beautiful than before.

As tooth reshaping can be finished on one single visit, it is perfect for dental treatment abroad. Though this procedure requires a highly skilled dentist, so wisely do a research, ask for pictures and testimonials with before and after transformations of patients, and just then make a decision. This may look exaggerated, but as your teeth will not be the same anymore, if the procedure goes wrong they cannot grow again, so you need to be careful before deciding.

Best value, not best price

The advantage of cosmetic dentistry procedures is that is it can be completed in few number of visits, indeed involving a short period of time that is what makes it ideal for medical travel. So, if you want to look your best and avoid unexpected unwanted surprises, you should be careful and avoiding inexperienced doctors. So, do research and find a reputable dental clinic abroad that will help you achieve the smile you’re looking for with a great price and experience!

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