10 Reasons to Travel to Ukraine for Stem Cell Therapy

10 Reasons to Travel to Ukraine for Stem Cell Therapy

10 Reasons to Travel to Ukraine for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy, also known as regenerative medicine, is one of the medical treatments that show great promise. Back in the 1970’s, skin stem cells were used to grow skin grafts for people with serious burns and today stem cell therapy is used to repair damaged or diseased tissue almost anywhere on the body. Furthermore, this therapy, which is widely considered as a new frontier in transplantation, could be used in the treatment of strokes, a wide range of neurological problems (including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease), spinal cord injuries, keloid scars, pancreatic necrosis, diabetes types I and II, as well as repairing heart cells following a heart attack. Experts agree that more clinical research is needed to corroborate this but, in theory, the application of stem cells is limitless.

Granted, stem cell therapy is a complex medical procedure that is still, to a certain extent, considered experimental and should be implemented only in highly specialized health clinics. Apart from the USA, Ukraine and Russia have become the common destinations for stem cell treatments.  In Ukraine alone, there are four clinics that specialize in providing this kind of treatment with one of them having the most extensive clinical experience in embryonic stem cell transplantation in the world.

There are dozens of valid and medically justifiable reasons for choosing one of the Ukrainian stem cell clinics and here are the ten most compelling ones:

1. Two Decades of Experience one of the biggest stem cell clinics in Ukraine was opened back in 1994 and today it is the holder of both the Ukrainian and EU patent certifications for treatmentof diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s disease, ALS / MND, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritisand arterial hypertension, to mention just a few.

2. GMP / GDP CertifiedThe best Ukrainian stem cell clinics are usually GMP / GDP certified which ensures that they have met the quality requirements before using stem cells to treat patients. The quality requirements include, but are not limited to, checking for infectious and other diseases in stem cell donors, traceability of the cells used in treatments, follow-up procedures and comprehensive documentation showing implementation of the relevant quality systems.

3. Biggest Stem Cell Suspension Bank in the WorldUkraine is home to the world’s first cell therapy clinic which also has the largest cryobank of fetal cell suspensions in the world.

4. Meticulous ControlThe Ukrainian stem cell clinics conduct very rigorous control of the entire process ensuring that treatments are both reliable and safe.

5. Modern Technology - In terms of technology, the Ukrainian stem cell therapy providers don’t lag behind their counterparts in the Western world. Most of them have their own R&D departments and PCR laboratories where stem cells are tested for both clinical and biotechnological purposes.

Stem Cell Clinics in Ukraine

6. Extraordinary ResultsThe Ukrainian stem cell specialists have documented records of the accomplished results. In diseases, where conventional treatments have failed or showed very weak results, there is a very significant percentage of patients who dramatically improved following the use of fetal stem cell therapy.

7. International Popularity Despite the recent political problems in Ukraine, the country remains one of the most popular destinations for stem cell treatment. The patients come from all over the world – the Middle East, China, Western and Easter Europe, and the U.S.

8. Diverse Treatments The list of diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapy is pretty long and includes diabetes, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, autism, Alzheimer’s, anemia, cancer, cerebral palsy, erectile dysfunction, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, SMA, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s  disease.

9. Anti-Aging TreatmentsStem cells are not only used in treatment of serious or chronic diseases. The Ukrainian stem cells clinics also offer effective anti-aging treatments which not only have cosmetic effects but also improve the overall health, energy levels, immunity, libido and sexual function.

10. Inpatient and Outpatient AccommodationOne of the largest stem cell clinics in Ukraine is also one of the most luxurious. It spans 1,200 square meters and has 7 VIP rooms. The patient rooms are exceptionally clean, comfortable and well-equipped.

Last but not least, Ukraine is a beautiful country and a beautiful environment can greatly contribute to patient’s recovery. Ukraine is also an educated and cultured country while its capital Kiev is the hub of art and architecture, as well as home to the world heritage treasures.

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