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Knee Replacement Revision Package by TURAN TURAN in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

Package price starting from: $9000
Treatment: Orthopedic/Knee Surgery, Knee Surgery, Knee Replacement Total or Partial, Arthroplasty
Sirinevler mah, Ankara Yolu Cd. No: 795, 16290 Bursa, Istanbul Turkey, Turkey
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Knee Arthroplasty Revision Surgery in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

Knee Replacement Revision Package by TURAN TURAN in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

A medical operation called knee replacement revision surgery, often known as knee revision surgery, is intended to resolve issues or failures following a prior knee replacement surgery. The complex treatment is intended to fix problems including implant loosening, infection, or component wear.

Turkey has become a major destination for medical tourism in recent years due to its ability to provide high-quality treatment at affordable prices TURAN TURAN, a renowned medical facility located in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey, specializes in knee replacement revision surgeries, providing patients with exceptional medical expertise, cutting-edge technology, and personalized care.

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Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

Knee replacement revision procedures involve intricate steps to address complications from a previous knee replacement. Surgeons at TURAN TURAN assess the patient's medical history, conduct thorough diagnostics, and determine the best course of action. The surgery typically includes removing the problematic components, addressing bone loss if present, and implanting new components securely to ensure improved functionality and longevity.

Package Detail of Knee Replacement Revision Surgery

Package  Cost Clinic Location
Knee Replacement Revision Surgery $ 9,000 TURAN TURAN Istanbul, Turkey

Cost of Knee Replacement Revision in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

Experience exceptional value with the Knee Replacement Revision package by TURAN TURAN in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey priced at a starting point of $9,000. Compare this to the cost of $17,293 in the United Kingdom, and discover a cost-effective option without compromising on quality. Your path to enhanced mobility awaits with TURAN TURAN.

Location Cost in USD
Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey $9,000
United Kingdom $17,293

Note: price may change and vary depends on complexity of procedures and patient conditions. Click free quote button below to learn more.

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Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Knee Replacement Revision in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

  • Expert Medical Professionals: Turkey boasts a pool of highly skilled orthopedic surgeons and medical staff experienced in performing knee replacement revision surgeries.
  • Advanced Medical Facilities: TURAN TURAN is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern infrastructure, ensuring world-class healthcare standards.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to many Western countries, the cost of knee revision surgery in Turkey, including all medical expenses, travel, and accommodation, is significantly more budget-friendly.
  • Cultural Experience: Patients have the opportunity to combine their medical journey with an enriching cultural experience, exploring the historical wonders of Istanbul and Bursa during recovery.
  • Shorter Waiting Times: Medical tourists often benefit from shorter waiting times for surgeries, consultations, and other medical services in Turkey compared to their home countries.

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Package Inclusions:

A patient who has had knee replacement surgery may also need to have their knee prosthesis revised. During this treatment, which is frequently referred to as a "re-operation," the patient's prosthesis is removed and a new prosthesis is installed. TURAN TURAN charges $8,000 for revision surgery for knee arthroplasty or knee replacement. The cost consists of:

  • Consultation
  • Preoperative blood tests
  • Preoperative ECG
  • MRIs, X-rays, and CTs before and after surgery
  • 5 days of hospitalization
  • Medical checkups
  • Nursing care
  • Room fees
  • Transfers from the airport to the hospital (round trips)

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Package Exclusions:

  • Travel Expenses: While the package covers medical expenses, travel costs to and from Turkey are typically not included.
  • Accommodation: Patients are responsible for their accommodation during their stay in Turkey.
  • Additional Medical Procedures: If any unforeseen medical procedures or complications arise, they may incur extra charges.
  • Personal Expenses: Expenses such as meals, transportation, and personal items are not typically included in the package.
  • Visa and Documentation: Patients need to arrange their travel documents, including visas if required.

Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Pre-Op Tests:

  • X-rays and Imaging: To assess the extent of implant damage and bone loss.
  • Blood Tests: To evaluate overall health and identify potential complications.
  • Cardiac Evaluation: Assessing cardiovascular health to ensure readiness for surgery.
  • Infection Screening: Identifying any existing infections that could affect the surgical outcome.
  • Physical Examination: Evaluating the patient's overall physical condition and joint mobility.
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Experienced Orthopedic Surgeon in Istanbul Turkey

TURAN TURAN collaborates with a team of skilled orthopedic surgeons, each with extensive experience in knee replacement revision surgeries. These specialists use their expertise to tailor procedures to individual patient needs, ensuring optimal outcomes and enhanced quality of life.

Orthopedic Surgeon in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey for Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Kayhan Turan

Dr. Kayhan Turan
  • The founder and head-chief of Turan & Turan Health Group as well as the Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Center.

  • The first orthopedic surgeon who performed a robotic-assisted total knee and hip arthroplasty in Turkey.

  • Most experienced surgeon in the field of robotic-assisted arthroplasty in Turkey and the whole region.

  • He performed more than 2000 knees and hip robotic-assisted arthroplasty.

  • He has more than 25 years of experience in Orthopedics and Traumatology.

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Is Knee Replacement Revision Surgery Right for You?

Deciding whether knee replacement revision surgery is the right choice depends on several factors. This surgery is typically considered when a previous knee replacement has failed or complications have arisen. Consider the following:

  • Suitable Candidates: Patients with complications from previous knee replacement surgeries, such as implant loosening, infection, or component wear.
  • Medical Evaluation: A thorough assessment of the patient's medical history, current condition, and diagnostic reports will determine their eligibility.
  • Realistic Expectations: Patients should have realistic expectations about the outcomes of the surgery and be committed to post-operative rehabilitation.

What to Expect During the Knee Replacement Revision Surgery?

Knee replacement revision surgery is a complex procedure performed to address issues with a previous knee replacement. Here's what you can generally expect during the process:

  • Pre-Operative Preparations: Patients undergo medical assessments, imaging, and tests to ensure they are fit for surgery.
  • Surgical Procedure: Surgeons perform the revision surgery using advanced techniques and technology.
  • Recovery and Rehabilitation: Following surgery, patients stay in the hospital for monitoring before beginning a tailored rehabilitation program to regain strength and mobility.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) knee revision surgery in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey

Here are some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for knee revision surgery in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey:

Why should I consider getting knee revision surgery in Bursa, Istanbul, Turkey?

Bursa offers world-class medical facilities like TURAN TURAN, skilled orthopedic surgeons, advanced technology, and a cultural experience, all at a more cost-effective rate compared to many Western countries.

Who is an ideal candidate for knee revision surgery in Turkey?

Ideal candidates for knee revision surgery are individuals with complications from a previous knee replacement, such as implant problems or infections. A thorough medical evaluation determines eligibility.

What is the recovery process like after knee replacement revision surgery in Turkey?

After surgery at TURAN TURAN, patients receive comprehensive post-operative care and a tailored rehabilitation plan to regain mobility and strength, leading to an improved quality of life.

How long does the knee replacement revision surgery procedure typically take in Turkey?

The duration of the surgery can vary based on individual cases and the complexity of the revision required. Your surgeon at TURAN TURAN will provide a more accurate estimate after evaluating your condition.

What is the success rate of knee revision surgery at TURAN TURAN in Bursa, Istanbul?

TURAN TURAN is known for its skilled orthopedic surgeons and modern facilities, contributing to a high success rate in knee revision surgeries. Your surgeon will discuss the expected outcomes during your consultation.

Are there any risks associated with knee replacement revision surgery in Turkey?

As with any surgery, knee replacement revision carries potential risks such as infection, blood clots, or anesthesia complications. Your medical team will take measures to minimize these risks and ensure your safety.

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