How Much Do Gynecologists Cost Worldwide?

The Cost of Gynecologists Worldwide

Many women all across the world do not have access to a quality gynecology service. In most cases, gynecology services are covered by insurance, but, the problem is that the gynecologists who are available to the women are simply not good doctors. Women’s reproductive organs are very sensitive things and some small event can leave everything out of balance. The worst part in this is that any problems with the reproductive organs will not show veritable signs until they have already developed. It takes a skilled, experienced gynecologist to be able to tell whether there is something wrong from a seemingly perfectly healthy reproductive organ. This is the main reason why women travel abroad to get access to quality gynecological services. 

Overview of Gynecological Services

Gynecology is a field of medicine dedicated to the well-being of the female reproductive organs. Most gynecologists also undergo trainings for being obstetricians (meaning they take care of women’s pregnancies, as well), as well as neo-natal intensive care, internal medicine, GYN urology, oncology, and reproductive genetics (this all depends on their specialization). They have to be this diversely educated, as a lot of gynecological care crosses medical fields, since the problems may be connected to other causes.

While a simple check of reproductive organs can be done anywhere, women mostly travel to get more complicated check-ups, or some more complicated medical procedures. These include: diagnostic laparoscopy, hysterectomy, myomectomy, pelvic prolapse surgery, tubal ligation, LEEP procedures, etc. For some of these, it is of extreme importance that they are done right, or the money spent has been in vain, and the problems will still be there. 

How Expensive Are Gynecological Services Abroad?

While gynecology in general is generally covered by insurance, as women’s reproductive organs are vital to the well-being of a woman, the lack of qualified doctors pushes women to seek the gynecological services outside their own countries. What they come upon abroad is a wide variety of prices, depending on where they look. When it comes to Placidway, our website’s listings show that the lowest price to be paid anywhere for any treatment is $39 for a delivery in the United Kingdom, while the highest price to be paid is for diagnostic laparoscopy in Israel, which costs $14,047. On average, the price for a gynecological treatment or procedure around the world is $2,172.

How Much Do Gynecologists Cost Worldwide?

The Most Popular Destinations

Malaysia is a place of many wonders, a jewel of the Far East. With their latest development came an investment into the medical sector, which improved all aspects of medicine in the country. The primary reason why people choose this country for their gynecological needs is the fact that it is not expensive, while being of excellent quality. A lot of people from surrounding countries gravitate towards Malaysia for these services. The average price for a gynecological procedure in Malaysia is $3,187. The cheapest procedure to be found here is a check-up for gynecological disorders which starts at $248, while the most expensive is a hysterectomy at $9,465.Poland ($222 - $3,920)

Poland is a nation with high birth rates throughout history. They accomplish this, among other things, through quality gynecological services, check-ups and procedures. These services are also available to foreigners at prices which are cheaper than what their neighbors offer, which is a reason why a lot of women from Europe choose to go here and get a check-up or a gynecology procedure. The average cost of a gynecological procedure in Poland is $1,222. The least expensive is a hysteroscopy, which costs $222, while the most expensive is a tubal ligation reversal procedure, which is $3,920.

Greece is a beautiful, sea-faring country and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This, and the fact that they offer fine gynecological services, is what drives many women to come here and do the gynecological procedures that they need. It is not hard to find a Greek gynecologist who has trained in Europe or even the US, as they gladly take those chances and return to apply the new knowledge in their home country. The average price for a gynecological check-up in Greece is $1,227. The cheapest is the hysteroscopy, which costs $1,000, while the most expensive is the diagnostic laparoscopy, which costs $2,000.India ($537 - $2,615)

Pre- and post-natal care, as well as care for women during pregnancies, is one of the specialties of Indian gynecologists. Their doctors are well educated (mostly in the West) and they are ready to give their all for the well-being of their patients. The best thing is that their prices are also low, comparing to the nearer countries. The average price for a gynecological procedure in India is $1,969. The lowest priced procedure is a hysteroscopy at $537, while the most expensive is a hysterectomy at $2,615.

What Drives the Gynecological Prices?

The prices of gynecological services (be they check-ups or procedures) are decided according to many factors. One of them is definitely the overhead cost of the clinic or the doctor who runs his office. Another is the cost of the instruments used to do checks and perform procedures, which is far from small, especially if the doctor wants only the finest instruments available. Higher living standards in a country also mean higher medical prices (except in some special cases), as it translates into higher rents and higher wages. All this is important to notice when looking at prices and determining whether the price carries better quality service with it or not.

Choosing the Right Gynecologist

While it is very tempting to decide on a gynecologist simply because of the price tag associated with them, it is rarely the best case to do so. It is much more important to know whether the gynecologist is experienced and knowledgeable. This can be done by checking the appropriate certificates they might have or looking at their qualifications. Also, when it comes to gynecologists especially, it is vital to see the experiences of their previous patients. No one will tell it better than a woman who has already had to deal with the gynecologist. You can find out from those whether their issues have been solved and in what manner.

This is all important because taking care of your reproductive organs is vital to your overall health, not to mention your progeny. A lot of symptoms can be ambiguous, and it takes a skilled doctor to determine the cause. Misdiagnosing and consequent bad treatment can have profound effects on patient’s life, so it is important to choose very carefully.

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