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Doing high volume liposuction and multiple area lipo, is a very physically demanding job, especially when patients are men.  Male body physique is more fibrous, tissues are tougher than the soft female counterparts. Being a female surgeon, this poses a challenge for me. So the use of the power-assisted liposuction (PAL) came to my mind to help me make the lipo easier especially when I only need to do a debulking procedure and not necessarily a sculpting procedure.

I had the opportunity to use it thru a friend. We used her Power assisted lipo and the VASER liposuction on one patient who wanted to do a full torso lipo. I also encouraged her to try out the VASER so we can compare. To make the procedure short, I did the patient's chest and she started out on the patient's abdomen.  Power-assisted liposuction is a motorized handle with a special cannula that moves forward and backward automatically and vibrates as well. There was less resistance in burying thru the thick fat, less effort on the surgeon, however, there was so much vibration, not only on the handle of the machine but the vibration is also reflected in the fatty compartment of the patient. It is very traumatic and I'm sure it does not differentiate whether you are sucking out fat or connective tissues. The aspirate was quite bloody and a big part of the aspirate was fluid and not fat. It may lessen the effort of the surgeon but it does not shorten the operative time.  It's not a very efficient machine. And due to the vibration emitted, one cannot do superficial liposuction, cannot go near the rib area, and of course cannot do the face. After the lipo her hands were shaking due to the vibrations emitted by the machine.  It's like holding on a jackhammer.

My doctor friend tried out the VASER liposuction, I showed her the different probes and the ventex cannulas that go with it.  She tried the VASER and she realized that she did not have to give too much effort in doing the liposuction because the fat was already emulsified and very soft. Operating time was shorter and she was able to take out more fat, the aspirate was less bloody and the percentage of fat is around 80% of the total aspirate, there was less water aspirated. She only did gentle strokes, no vibrations on the hands, and there was no surgeon fatigue. She actually appreciated how nice and very efficient the VASER machine is, how it can take out more fat and sculpt the body to perfection. She was very happy and was also thinking of buying a VASER system of her own.

This was a first hand trial and I was able to appreciate more my VASER Machine.  Buying a Power-assisted lipo machine is out of the question.

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