IVF in Mexico - In-Vitro Fertilization in Mexico

In-Vitro Fertilization - Cost-effective Fertility Treatment in Mexico

In Mexico ivf success rates are very high and it has been famous for high quality and cheapest ivf in the world where people who wants to pursue In-Vitro fertilization treatment because of the safety, quality and affordability of the procedure comparable to other prime destinations.  The average cost of ivf in Mexico in 2022 is around between $5,500 to $9,000.

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How Much Does In-Vitro Fertilization Cost in Mexico?

The In-vitro fertilization cost in mexico starts from $5,500. This includes the IVF procedure itself, egg donation and sperm analysis. Prices may vary depending on the package you choose and which clinic and city you choose in Mexico.

IVF treatment is readily available in certified clinics in Mexico and it will surprise you how affordable the cost of IVF in Mexico is. To get a suitable price, it will be good to compare costs of IVF for different cities in Mexico. 

Mexican City

IVF Prices


$5,900 - $9,000







IVF Price Comparison Mexico VS USA and Canada

You can get more then 50% cheaper treatment in Mexico compare to developed countries.


IVF Costs


$5,500 to $7,000

United States




IVF in Mexico Packages Included with:

  • Medical care
  • Laboratory work. 
  • Constant observation
  • Monitoring
  • Medical fees
  • Hospital and Doctors fees
  • Follicular aspiration
  • Embryo retrieval/transfer

Before starting the In-Vitro fertilization treatment, several tests must be performed, such as:

  • Ovarian reversal testing tests follicle-stimulating hormone levels.
  • Examination of the uterus using ultrasound. This will determine the state of the uterus and the best way to implant the embryos.
  • Sperm test

For IVF in Mexico packages vary depending on the medical center chosen and usually include the total cost of IVF from small to large costs. IVF packages usually include the cost of supervision, assisted hatching, egg retrieval, embryo transfer and IVF/ICSI, and may also include or exclude smaller costs such as medication, accommodation, food, travel costs and more. These package differences depend on the chosen IVF clinic. Make sure you take the time to review the available packages for each clinic to choose the right one for you.

Is IVF in Mexico Safe?

Mexico has become a popular destination for couples seeking fertility treatment, due in large part to the lower cost of IVF. But is it safe to receive IVF in Mexico? Overall, the answer is yes. Mexico has strict laws and regulations in place governing fertility clinics, and there are many reputable clinics that offer high-quality care. That said, it is important to do your research before choosing a clinic, as there are also some less reputable facilities operating in the country.

When looking for a clinic, be sure to check reviews and compare costs. It's also a good idea to make sure the clinic is accredited by a recognized organization such as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. By taking these precautions, you can be confident that you will receive safe and effective fertility treatment in Mexico.

What is In-Vitro Fertilization?

In-Vitro Fertilization procedure involves carrying out fertilization manually outside the body (in glass). The embryo formed from the combination of the couple?s sperm and ovary is then transferred into the uterus. IVF treatment is for those who have been trying to conceive for a long time and without success.

Step-wise Procedure of In-Vitro Fertilization Treatment

1. The first step in the in-vitro fertilization treatment is to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs. This is done with medication that is given as an injection.

2. Approximately 36 hours after the injection, a blood test is done to check the estrogen levels. This will help determine when to collect the eggs.

3. The eggs are collected using a procedure called transvaginal ultrasound aspiration. A thin needle is inserted through the vagina into the egg follicles and the eggs are aspirated (sucked out).

4. The eggs are then placed in a special culture medium and incubated for 18-20 hours.

5. A sperm sample is then prepared by either direct ejaculation or by means of a collection condom.

6. The sperm is then added to the eggs and incubated for another 18-20 hours.

7. The embryos are then evaluated and selected for transfer based on their quality.

8. One or two embryos are transferred into the uterus using a small catheter.

Best Fertility Clinics in Mexico

Mexico is a one of the top destination of best ivf clinic in the world in 2022. When it comes to looking out for fertility clinics in Mexico for IVF. we advise you to take your time to search for reliable In-Vitro Fertilization clinics in Mexico. You should not just look at the cost but also find out how reliable and qualified the center is. It will also be helpful to check for accreditation of centers, certified licenses to practice and years of experience in performing IVF treatment.

There are more than enough clinics in Mexico that can provide you with successful IVF treatment and help you achieve parenthood so it would be good to do thorough research on these centers.

Medica Fertil - Best fertility Clinic in Mexico

Medica Fertil

Fertility Clinic in Mexico

 Advanced Fertility Center - Best Fertility Clinic in Cancun Mexico

Advanced Fertility Center

Fertility Clinic in Cancun, Mexico

IREGA IVF - Best fertility Clinic in Puebla, Mexico


Fertility Clinic in Puebla, Mexico

Advance Health Medical Center - Fertility Clinic in Tijuana Mexico

Advance Health Medical Center

Fertility Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

IVF in Mexico Reviews

If you have already made up your mind to pursue your IVF treatment in Mexico, we suggest you do a research on past patient's ivf in mexico experiences by watching and reading testimonials opinions before choosing fertility procedure.  

Reviews and testimonials are important in your decision making because it will help you to know if you are making the right choice and avoid mistakes patients? might have made in the past and of course, you definitely want your story to end in success. Watch one of our clinic video where couples getting successful result after choosing In-Vitro Fertilization.

Top Fertility Specialist in Mexico

As you search for IVF doctors in Mexico,  make sure to review their qualifications.

IVF doctors should hold a medical degree, and completed 4-5 years residency program. He/She must have passed written and oral board exams in obstetrics and gynecology and have an approved fellowship program in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Sufficient training on the treatment should also be one of the things you should look out for. Make sure to also find out their years of experience in performing IVF treatment and the success rate over time.

DR. ADAN OLIVEROS CEBALLOS -  Fertility Specialist in Mexico

Dr. Adan Oliveros Ceballos

Fertility Specialist in Mexico

Dr. Mayra Garza  - Fertility Specialist in Cancun, Mexico

Dr. Mayra Garza

Fertility Specialist in Cancun, Mexico

Questions to Ask Your Doctor Before Having IVF Treatment in Mexico

If you have found a suitable IVF clinic, we suggest that you ask your doctor the questions below to further enlighten you and help you decide on your treatment.

  • Is your medical center accredited?
  • Do you have all the necessary licenses to practice?
  • What is the age limit for IVF treatment?
  • How successful is IVF on my case?
  • What would be my success rate on this treatment?
  • Which tests would you advise prior to IVF?
  • What are the risks involved win having IVF treatment at your medical center?

IVF is the way to go after a long wait of infertility. Over the years, IVF has been known to end the trauma of infertility among couples and launch couples into parenthood. Remember to take into consideration the factors listed above to achieve success in your IVF treatment.

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