Best Urology Hospitals in Turkey

Turkey, a nexus of ancient civilizations and modern progress, is steadily emerging as a global hotspot for medical tourism. Among its many renowned medical specialties, urology stands out for its cutting-edge technologies, world-class professionals, and unparalleled patient care. From Istanbul's historic skyline to Ankara's bustling streets, the country boasts an array of top-notch urology hospitals that cater to both local and international patients. Whether you're seeking treatment for a common urinary issue or a more complex surgical procedure, Turkey offers a blend of tradition, technology, and expertise. This article delves deep into the best urology hospitals in Turkey, highlighting their strengths, unique features, and the reasons they're celebrated in the international healthcare arena.

7 Best Urology Hospitals in Turkey



Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Istanbul, Turkey

Private Koru Ankara Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

Academic Hospital

Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey

Private Algomed Hospital

Adana, Turkey

CorpusRenew by Termessos Hospital

Antalya, Turkey

Guven Hospital

Ankara, Turkey

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Details of Best Urology Hospitals in Turkey

Finding Urology clinics in Turkey is as important as picking a doctor for the procedure. It is important that the facility you choose is reputable and able to provide excellent care. The clinic should also be certified and qualified to carry out the operation. You also have to check for quality of facilities and technology they offer to make sure they can support the procedure efficiently. It helps to check with previous patients how their experience was.

1. Florence Nightingale Hospitals

Located in the heart of Istanbul, Florence Nightingale Hospitals is synonymous with world-class urology care. Named after the pioneering nurse Florence Nightingale, this hospital embodies her spirit of innovation and dedication. With a state-of-the-art facility, it boasts advanced robotic surgery options, such as the Da Vinci system, ensuring precision in procedures. Their experienced team of urologists, trained from prestigious institutions globally, provide tailored treatment plans for patients. Added to this is their commendable patient-care service, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout one’s healing journey.

2. Private Koru Ankara Hospital

In the vibrant capital city of Turkey, Private Koru Ankara Hospital stands as a beacon of urological excellence. The hospital is well-known for its patient-centric approach, combining modern technology with a touch of personal care. Their urology department is equipped with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, ensuring accurate and timely treatment. The internationally trained team here focuses on minimally invasive techniques, reducing recovery times and ensuring the best outcomes for patients.


BHT CLINIC is one of the best urology hospital in Istanbul Turkey which is a boutique healthcare institution with a keen focus on specialized care. The clinic, while smaller in scale compared to large hospitals, offers a unique personalized experience in urological care. Patients here benefit from a tailored approach, with the team taking the time to understand individual needs and histories. Their urologists are well-versed in cutting-edge treatments, offering both surgical and non-surgical options.

5. Private Algomed Hospital

Nestled in Adana, Private Algomed Hospital is a symbol of modernity and tradition. The hospital blends Turkish hospitality with global medical standards, especially in its urology department. The facility is equipped with the latest technologies, ensuring that patients have access to the most advanced treatments available. Moreover, their team of urologists emphasizes holistic care, addressing both the physical and emotional needs of patients.

6. CorpusRenew by Termessos Hospital

Situated in the picturesque city of Antalya, CorpusRenew by Termessos Hospital brings a unique approach to urological care. The hospital focuses on regenerative treatments, making it a pioneer in its field. Patients seeking urological care here not only benefit from traditional methods but also from innovative treatments that aim at overall wellbeing and rejuvenation. The serene surroundings of Antalya, combined with the hospital’s top-tier facilities, make it a preferred choice for many.

7. Guven Hospital

Guven Hospital in Ankara holds a legacy of trust and reliability. Established decades ago, this institution has grown to become one of Ankara's leading urology centers. The hospital is home to a dedicated team of urologists who bring together years of experience and expertise. Their focus on research ensures that patients receive treatments that are both time-tested and innovative. With a reputation built on trust, patients at Guven are ensured a journey of care, compassion, and excellence.

What is the Cost of Urology Treatments in Turkey?

The approximate average price of Urology treatments in Turkey is $6,470. Pricing is a very important factor and varies from center to center. The cost of the Urology in Turkey depends on the location, the experience of the surgeon and the technique to be used.

Urological Procedures Costs in USD
Vasectomy $1,500
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment $9,000
Penile Implant $9,500
Kidney Cysts Removal $15,670
Kidney Transplant $20,000

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What Do Urology Treatment Packages in Turkey Include?

Urology packages in Turkey may include the following: medical related costs such as hospital fees, medications, surgery and surgeon fees. Most of the centers include transportation and accommodation while others do not. It is important to carefully review your treatment plan and understand what's included or not included in the cost prior to booking your treatment.

How To Find a Reliable Doctor for Urology in Turkey?

There are a lot of doctors for a Urology in Turkey. Choosing the right doctor for Urology in Turkey may seem daunting but it doesn't have to be. Knowing what to look for in a doctor can make it easier. First, he/she has to be licensed and board certified. The surgeon should have affiliations with reputable medical organizations which should reflect his/ her experience and expertise. The doctor should also be experienced and specially trained in carrying out the procedure. It is advisable to check some of their previous work and get an idea of their medical experience.

Reviews and Testimonials for Urology in Turkey

We advise that our prospective patients always check the reviews and testimonials that patients have left in the past. These reviews are important because it allows you to gauge the quality of the services and gain unbiased feedback. Reviews and Testimonials for Urology in Turkey will encourage you to visit a certain clinic and speak to the doctors. These testimonials go a long way because the experience is truly the best teacher as they say.

Questions to Ask a Surgeon Before Doing Urology in Turkey

If you eventually decide to have Urology in Turkey, here are some questions we suggest you ask.

  • Are you fully licensed and board-certified to perform the surgery?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with this procedure?
  • What would be my itinerary for the treatment?
  • What can I expect during and after the surgery?
  • What do I need to do to ensure a smooth surgery?

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