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Penile Implant Surgery in Istanbul Turkey by Optimed Hospital

Package price starting from: $8602
Treatment: Cosmetic/Plastic Surgery,Urology, Penile Implant, Penile Augmentation
Associated Center: Optimed International Hospital
Alipasa, Kilic Ali Pasa Venue No:36, 59850 Corlu/Tekirdag, Turkey
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Best Penis Implant Surgery in Istanbul Turkey

Penile Implant Surgery in Istanbul Turkey by Optimed Hospital

Optimed provides a cheap package for Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey. Get top treatment free quotes for top centers. Private International Optimed Hospital was set up in 2007 with the vision to make a forefront, great and quality clinical benefits medical clinic where all of the advancement are used. Get best Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey right now in the right center!

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What is Penile Implant Surgery?

Penile Implants are gadgets put inside the penis to permit men with erectile dysfunction (ED) to get an erection. Penile implants are normally suggested after different treatments for ED fizzle. There are two primary sorts of penile implants, semirigid and inflatable.

Each sort of penile implant works distinctively and has different advantages and disadvantages. The situation of penile implants requires surgery. Prior to picking penile implants, ensure you get what surgery includes, including potential dangers, confusions and follow-up care.

Cost of Penile Implant Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey at Optimed Hospital

Get Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed with the cost EUR 8,000 or $8,602.

Location Cost
Istanbul $8,602
United States $16,000
United Kingdom $15,000

Note: Price can different or change depends on complexity of the procedure. Please follow Price Policy in Optimed or contact Customer Representative.

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Procedure of Penis Implant in Istanbul, Turkey

The surgery might be performed under spinal or general sedation. Your surgeon shaves the region and supplements a catheter and intravenous line (IV) for anti-microbials and meds. Subsequent to making a cut at the head or base of your penis, or in your lower midsection, he then, at that point, places inflatable chambers inside your penis (assuming you pick the two-piece gadget) or inside both your penis and scrotum (for the three-piece unit). This short term procedure takes under 60 minutes.

Advantages of Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed Hospital

Below are some advantages of selecting Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed:

Inclusions in Penis Implant Package by Optimed

Here you can find inclusions for Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed:

Exclusions in Penile Implant Package by Optimed

Check below information of exclusions for Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed:

List of Pre-Op Test for Penile Implant

Below are some pre op tests in Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed below:

Note: The pre-op tests will be suggested after an essential physical check up. The tests are required to be done before 7-10 days of the treatment.

Payment Options: Cash, Credit Card, Wire Transfer

Note: The clinic may ask you for money deposit once you decide to receive the surgery.

Best Penile Implant Surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed

Top Penile Implant Specialist in Istanbul, Turkey is prepared to give you best administrations that you want. Optimed also provides online consultation with top doctor for you free of charge. So, you will be able to get the most accurate information and treatment plan regarding your inquiry directly from doctor.

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Penile Implant Surgery?

Why Choose Istanbul, Turkey for Implant Surgery?

Istanbul, Turkey is essential to pick the right Medical Tourism objective, as it impacts the recovering and improvement of the patients. Istanbul, Turkey is considered as a piece of the most dependable and the best clinical the movement business areas that invite you with its boggling climatic conditions and standard radiance.

The ordinary expense for essential things in Turkey is respectably not by and large in other European countries. One can save an extraordinary arrangement on clinical consideration expenses and look for quality treatment abroad at sensible Plastic Surgery packages.

Turkey is outstanding for its charming society and history. The resuscitating breezes from the Aegean and the moderating climate make it a specialist objective for patching. The impeccable environment makes you feel free, which moreover pursues achieving speedier outcomes.

Furthermore, you can in like manner like standard loosening up on Kusadasi or Cesme Sea Shores or go on a trip to the customary City of Pergamum or Ephesus. Istanbul is the best spot to see Antiquated Castles, Galleries, Temples, Mosques, and Conventional Business Sectors.

FAQs about Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey

Here you will find information about FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed:

What Makes Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey Popular?

With benefits, for instance, extraordinarily qualified subject matter experts, a thin probability of post-cautious hardships and lower costs for Penile Implant, Turkey is one of the most moderate countries in the field of plastic surgery. Reliably, around 70,000 patients travel to Turkey for Penile Implant.

What Makes Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey Cheap?

Plastic and Esthetic Surgery can be offered so proficiently in Turkey since Turkey's general compensation costs are lower than in Europe. Thusly, capable organizations from experienced plastic surgeons come at a lower cost.

Why Istanbul, Turkey Becomes a Good Place for Penile Implant?

The reasons behind interest for Penile Implant in Istanbul, Turkey can be attributed to different factors, the major ones being that the country has a plenitude of refined, able and experienced plastic surgeons, similarly as that these procedures are performed at a much lower cost diverged from the UK and rest of Europe.

Is Istanbul, Turkey Safe for Penile Implant?

Yes, plastic surgery is more secure in Turkey. Moreover, work with an office that is strong and offers uncommonly experienced surgeons, extraordinary materials in the most cleaned working locale.

Book Now Penile Implant Packages in Istanbul with Affordable Cost!

Penile Implant Package in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed offers reply for beautification and dazzling at a reasonable cost. You will encounter Penile Implant surgery at First-Class Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey by Optimed. Make sure to click button below for more information:

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