Millions of individuals seek youth and beauty in a variety of facilities throughout the world. However, pioneers of a new type of liposuction treatment called Vaser Liposelection are available at the top cosmetic surgery center in Makati, called Roura DermSurgery. For the safest liposuction in the Philippines, as well as one of the best facial and breast augmentation facilities in the Pacific, Roura DermSurgery provides a variety of state of the art treatments, equipment, and technology to safely meet the needs of men and women traveling from international destinations for the best in cosmetic and plastic surgical procedures.

Located in Makati City in Philippines, the Advanced Face And Body Sculpting Institute called Roura DermSurgery offers high definition liposculpture for men and women that focuses on sculpting rather than debulking techniques to provide the best in aesthetic liposuction procedure results.

Treatments and Qualifications
Roura DermSurgery specializes in phlebology, or vein care, and is known worldwide for its safety standards and procedures in the treatment of varicose  veins. The facility also offers specialties in dermatology and cosmetic surgery to address a variety of skin care and aesthetic needs and desires. The facility is one of the few in the Pacific region to offer Vaser Liposelection procedures, known around the world as the new standard in liposuction technology.  The Vaser high definition liposculpting technology enables plastic surgeons to target formally difficult areas for treatment, such as the chin, neck, waist, knees and ankles.

Dr. Claudine Roura, head and founder of Roura DermSurgery, is a Fellow of the Philippine Dermatological Society, the Philippine Academy of Cutaneous Surgery and a board certified dermatologist. Dr. Roura has also benefited from training through the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery in California, USA. Dr. Roura was awarded the Walter deGroot Phlebology Fellowship in 2005, finishing the fellowship under Dr. Robert Weiss, world renowned dermatologic surgeon and phlebologist at the Maryland Laser, Skin and Vein Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

Says Dr. Roura, "Roura DermSurgery is one of the very few centers in the Philippines that offer Liposelection by Vaser and is considered a pioneer of this procedure in the country. We utilize only the most modern and most effective treatments and methodologies to treat individuals for dermatology and cosmetic surgery and care."

Roura DermSurgery is dedicated to eliminating risks and complications normally associated with traditional liposuction procedures. Highly trained and experienced plastic and cosmetic surgeons, phlebotomists and support staff are dedicated to creating a friendly, compassionate and highly trained environment and experience for international patients.

Pramod Goel, CEO and Founder of PlacidWay, an informative and increasingly popular medical tourism portal based in Colorado, USA, "Facilities like Roura DermSurgery offer top cosmetic surgery options and choices for international patients seeking the best in quality, affordable and effective plastic surgery. We are pleased to offer information regarding the services provided by Roura DermSurgery and include them in our database of accredited, state of the art, and affordable medical treatments that offer individuals around the world personal choices in their healthcare providers."

Philippine Travel Destinations
The Philippines are comprised of over 7,000 islands in what is known as the Pearl Of The Orient.  A tropical oasis with miles of white sandy beaches, warm sunshine and swaying palm trees, the Philippines offers the best accommodations, dining, and entertainment in her major cities such as Manila and Makati, as well as offering a tropical escape for individuals seeking peace, solitude, privacy and calm. From fishing to snorkeling and diving with dolphins or exploring the interior of dozens of tropical islands, the Philippines offers friendly and modern attractions and service to international travelers visiting this vacation paradise.